16 January 20120

Elim's youth leaders and children's workers gather

Every January, Limitless draws together Elim's youth and children's workers for an annual gathering. Next week, from 21-23 January, this community of leaders will meet in Malvern for three days of leadership training and some fun!

Limitless Leaders is the annual leadership gathering of the LIMITLESS community. It is designed to create space that helps build friendship, time for worship, ministry and provides specific training streams for youth and children’s ministry leaders.

As Elim moves into a new decade as one movement advance together in one mission, this event isn’t about individuals making history, but a family of Elim leaders in unity, who change the world as a community. So please take a moment to pray for Elim's youth leaders, our children's workers and the whole Limitless team, both those that work in Malvern and those on the team around the country that help set direction and engagement.

Speaking at this year's Limitless Leaders event, as well as the Elim Leaders Summit in May, is Mike Pilavachi. He heads up Soul Survivor ministries, a charity that aims to equip young people to live their lives for Jesus, as well as pastoring the associated church – Soul Survivor Watford.

Mike also speaks at conferences around the world, trying to make people laugh and point them towards Jesus at the same time. He has written a number of books the latest of which is called ‘Lifelines’ with Andy Croft. In his spare time, he loves to cooking, watching West Wing and tending his grape vines!


Limitless Year

At the core of Limitless is a mission to reach young people, equip youth leaders and inspire dynamic youth ministry. With four key events throughout the year, Limitless has a focused annual programme with two events specifically for young people and two for youth and children's leaders.

Limitless One

Following Limitless Leaders is Limitless One which is an opportunity for young people from across the nation come together on the same day at one of seven locations in February.

Limitless Festival

Held in August, Limitless Festival is a summer gathering for the whole church that's all about community, connection and change. Featuring dynamic venues for youth (11-17) and young adults (17-30), as well as a packed programme of activities, sports, events, seminars, workshops, and after hours venues. Limitless Festival is the declaration of a generation who exceed the limits of their expectations.

Could you be on the Limitless Festival team?

Are you aged between 16 and 160? Do you have a passion for young people encountering Jesus? Then Limitless are inviting you to join them on the Limitless Festival Team.

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