Moores in Macedonia: December 2019

Welcome to our latest update from Macedonia. There has been a lot going on this past couple of months and it has been hard to choose our highlights but here goes:


At the end of October we were privileged to join a team from Lifecentral Church in Halesowen and Danielle Face from the Elim Missions office on a trip to Albania. We stayed in the seaside town of Durres (Which meant we were forced to go to the beach!) with a thriving church of Albanian Christians. We were overwhelmed by their passion for Jesus and their desire to see not just their nation but the surrounding region impacted with the Gospel. It was a good opportunity to build some connections with the leaders of the church and to begin to discuss how we could co-operate to share the Gospel with the Albanian population of Macedonia. We have been in Skopje now for nearly two years and have only met one Albanian Christian. We are also keen to explore how we can be a blessing to the town by bringing a team over from Skopje.

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Many of you will have heard the news two weeks ago of the 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Albania that hit the town of Durres and surrounding area, causing loss of life and significant damage. We understand that the members of the church we stayed at are all accounted for but people there are understandably distressed and tired after sleeping outside for many nights. We have been encouraged to hear stories about how the church is impacting their local community by providing for the needs around them and being a light to their community at a difficult time. Please pray for those affected and those involved in helping to support their community.

Go into the villages (Luke 10:1-24)

One of our observations of mission work here is that a lot of it is concentrated in the city rather than in the neighbouring villages. Ian and Wes (a friend of ours from America) have started a partnership to go into these villages just as Jesus called his disciples to do in the book of Luke. We would love it if we could also take local Christians with us and start working with those who are people of peace in the villages.

On our first visit we were welcomed into the café in the village square, given a cup of tea and had an opportunity to share some testimonies and pray for healing for one person. We were grateful that we were able to share and pray with people. On another occasion we were invited into someone’s house for coffee and were invited to pray with them. Inconveniently we didn’t have anyone to help us with translation and had to get by the best we could with basic Macedonian. However God has a way of solving problems: we had a Dutch visiting missionary with us and the people who invited us in have a Dutch daughter in law! So, with the use of face time our Dutch friend could have her words translated into Macedonian! We really felt welcome in this home and hope to visit again as soon as possible.

Please pray for us as we need God’s wisdom on where to return to and where we need to just visit as a one off.

Romania Mission Trip

We have been very excited these past few months as we have been looking forward to taking a team from Macedonia on an international mission trip to Romania. There were certainly a few challenges getting us there: We initially had 5 people who would join us however due to a change in circumstances two had to drop out. Then, just three days before departure our friend Luka badly damaged his hand at work and had to withdraw to remain in Skopje for treatment. However, Goran, from our sister church in Stip came on board the night before departure. It was amazing as earlier in the day God had provided him with the money for the trip even though he didn’t know he would be coming!

After a 12 hour drive up through Serbia and across to the village of Sardu (near Cluj-Napoca), It was a wonderful opportunity for the team to experience God working in some new ways. They spoke in two Roma churches and also took part in youth and children’s activities in the centre where we were staying. Katie and Sanja also led a ladies’ bible study where they were able to teach on the life of Tabitha and share testimonies with the ladies, not all of whom are Christians yet. There was also a fair amount of practical work to be done as well with us all taking part in preparing firewood for the next 12 months and doing a clothing distribution for the people of the local village. We were also able to take some leftover clothes back for the aid package for Albania.

We believe that short term mission trips can be a way of helping people to grow in faith as they see God provide for them and have him work through them in new and different ways. They also are a way of developing mission locally as we learn new skills and gain fresh inspiration.



  • Please give thanks for a successful and safe trip to Romania.
  • We are now well into the smog season which will continue until about March. You may have seen how Delhi made the news last month for its smog problems. Ours isn’t as bad but the readings are still at a hazardous level where we are often advised to stay indoors. Please pray for our health in this time.
  • Please pray for us as we try to engage further with the local community around where we live and for wisdom with our work in the villages.

Thank you so much for reading our news. We love hearing updates and news from our friends from around the world, so please feel free to contact us and let us know some of the exciting things that are going on for you.

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Ian, Katie, Kristen and Josiah.

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