Roy and Lainey Hitchman

Breakthroughs, progress, encouragement ... on the road again.

We need to apologise for the slight delay in getting this newsletter out. We’re a week overdue because we’ve been on the road. Not that we were in a traffic jam for that long! The last few months have been spent in the car, on planes, on trains, buses and ferries. It’s been a busy season of ministry but also one of great blessing. Praise God that the car has been behaving itself and that we’ve had relatively smooth trips. Once again we want to thank everyone who contributed towards getting our car fixed, it feels great to see a warning light free dashboard when we’re driving.

We are on the road again, this time to Northern Ireland. Our outward journey included brief stops in the Netherlands and NW England.



It’s always encouraging to hear that our ministry has made a difference in people’s lives. Last week we were reminded that sometimes seeds that are sown take time to germinate and bear fruit. A lady who we had ministered to this summer got in touch to say how she had been challenged and that she was stepping out in faith to be obedient to God. Testimonies like these give our faith a boost when we are working with challenging situations, we know that God is more than capable of doing amazing things. It’s important for us to remember that it’s not about us and what we can do but it’s about God and what He can do. We just have to be willing to be obedient and walk the distance with those that we minister to. At other times we have seen immediate fruit. Another couple immediately put things into practice and are now seeing significant improvement in their relationship.

At the moment we’re in Northern Ireland speaking in a number of churches and looking forward to connecting with friends and family too. One big event on the calendar is our book launch for our new book “Improving Communication: An Essential Guide for Couples” on the 1st of December at Portadown Elim. If you’d like to get hold of a copy and you can’t attend the event it’s already available on Amazon.

3 of the 4 planned books are now available with Improving Communication: An Essential Guide for Couples the latest release. Clicking the image goes to Amazon.co.uk.


If you’d like to buy the book in bundles of 5 or 10 then please get in touch with us directly and we’ll make sure that you get a good discount.

Update on the Ministry Centre


We’re making headway on the ministry retreat project (The Paraszt Haz). One of our biggest challenges has been finding good tradesmen who won’t multiply the cost of the work for foreigners. We’ve found someone who is very trustworthy who can do some of the work, at a fair price. This has been a huge breakthrough and blessing.

Another big step in the right direction is that from February we will hosting an intern for a few months. Ben is on the Elim Missions Gap Year program, will be getting involved with local ministry, and using his building experience to help turn the old house into a retreat. Ben will be the first (hopefully of many) to visit and invest their building skills in this future ministry centre. There is a lot of work needing completion so we would love to hear from you if you feel you could invest some of your time into this venture.

We still need:

  • A plumber
  • An electrician
  • A plasterer
  • A carpenter
  • A good handyman


We didn’t mention some of the challenges we’ve been experiencing in our own home. We’d been living with issues with our electricity for many months and with some things for a few years. We were blessed to have someone come and get everything up and working again. It’s amazing how much you appreciate small things like a hall light that works or outdoor lights that show you where you’re going when you’re climbing 77 steps in the dark. We are grateful that we didn’t need to buy new lights but some things needed to be rewired and other things needed to be reconnected. There is definitely a spiritual principle in there somewhere. God has been speaking to us a lot about making sure we spend time at his feet, to draw our strength from Him and to make sure that we cover life events in prayer asking Him to show us how He wants us to navigate situations. Physically (with getting our electrics fixed) and spiritually with being diligent, we’re making sure that we’re not ignoring the principles we see in Matthew 5.

The other aspects of our ministry haven’t been adversely affected by being at home. Again we feel incredibly privileged to be able to draw alongside those serving God in foreign mission fields and this season for us is also a reminder that we need to practice what we preach. In addition to regular touching base with missionaries on the field, we loved teaching at the Missions Academy in May and getting a chance to meet an amazing group of people getting ready for their calling. We are also delighted to have a Missionary Apprentice to mentor this year.

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:14-16 (NIV).


Lainey’s health is back on track and other than a few food restrictions she is doing well.

Also, the car is working well. After giving us so much trouble during the summer, we are pleased to report that it hasn’t given us any trouble and as time goes on we are becoming more confident that the problems we had experienced are solved.

We’ve had a few crisis couples ‘graduate’ from crisis to maintenance. Seeing them reach a place of stability in their relationships is something that makes us smile.

Prayer Requests

The breakthrough with couples happens because people pray.

  • Please continue to pray for the couples we are working with who are struggling. We’ve had an increase of couples who specifically need prayer to break addictions in their lives.
  • Please pray for us while we are on the road. That the car continues to behave, for safe travel and for stamina. The biggest challenge with having a busy schedule is getting enough rest. We’ve also been learning a lot about what rest means for us and how to make sure that ministry is in balance.
  • Please pray for missionaries, their relationships with each other and their teams. For them to be powerful and effective in the work that God has called them to.
  • For continued progress on the project. That God will provide the finances and the workers to complete it.

Roy and Lainey

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