God changed my passion to be a midwife and led me to Regents!

Director of Training, Dave Newton, caught up with Rianne Card following her recent graduation from Regents

Fresh from graduating at Regents, Rianne is now youth and young adults pastor at Elim Life Church, North Birmingham. She also received the EJ Phillips Award for her amazing and constant contribution to community life on campus and at Limitless Malvern while she was at Regents. I chatted with Rianne to reflect on her three years at College and see how she was finding her new role.

Who and what inspired you to study youth ministry at Regents in the first place?

This is actually a funny story! Attending Regents was never my plan. Instead, I had planned since I was 14 years old to be a midwife and that is what I aimed to follow. Right up until one summer after my gap year, just before I applied for university, God completely changed my passion for midwifery and led me to Regents.

Even then, I thought if I go to Regents I would study on the Church Leadership Track and even my interview was for Church Leadership! But evidently, that wasn’t God’s plan, and lo and behold he put many signs in front of me which led me to choose the Youth Track.

I actually had only ever seen Tim Alford at the Gathering as a young person. But in the space of six weeks, I had seen Tim every week! From being a guest speaker at our church right up to the day of my interview, Tim would, funnily enough, tell me all about the Youth Track and then say, “Don’t forget the Youth Track!” So that and a few other things actually led me to change over to the Youth Track.


What was the toughest thing you faced while you were a student?

There were a few things that challenged me at Regents, but one of the toughest and also the best thing I faced whilst at Regents was being a campus-based student and experiencing the many ways that God would challenge and shape me.

I found that being campus-based taught me many things regarding communal living, such as the people around me, who were all at different stages of faith, life experience and personality types.

I also found that living alongside and studying with such a varied group taught me many things, such as patience and grace, especially when everybody wanted the same library book as me! I did find that, at times, some of the modules were challenging, even though they have now expanded my views and thinking process.

At times it can be quite challenging to have to research and revise for some of modules, but in the end it has really helped me to widen my understanding in many areas both personally and academically.


If you could wind back the clock three years, what advice would you give to your younger self starting out at Regents?

Ha! Well, if I could tell myself anything, it would be to completely take everything in from the very moment I arrived at Regents! Making the most of the lectures and the library, the discussions with people and making the most of the beautiful grounds and Malvern Hills!

What has been the highlight of your time at Regents?

I have memories that I will cherish forever such as bonfire night in the grounds, the Encounter worship nights and the trips we served at together, such as the Gathering. Plus, moments with friends like games nights! But I have loved how God has brought out a few spiritual giftings within me that I didn’t even realise I had but was able to exercise and advance in whilst at Regents.

To be honest I could go on and on about my highlights at Regents!


How has your time at Regents helped you in your new role?

Regents really helped me prepare for my role at Elim Life Church in so many ways; through the lectures that advanced my views towards youth ministry and through some great placements, combined with practical experience. I’ve also been able to branch out by making new friends and getting to know other youth workers who have been through the same process as me and have given me lots of advice for where I am now.

Are you enjoying your new role as Youth and Young Adults Pastor and what does it look like on a daily basis? I love being part of the team at Elim Life Church, and working with Jonathan Skelton, Sarah Whittleston and Sarah Hingley who have created so many ways to connect with the community, is amazing.

The work that I do varies week to week. Things from preparing for youth on Fridays and Sundays, doing schools work and partnering with different organisations such as Birmingham City Mission who we recently worked with on their GSUS Live Bus which tours around the UK; helping at some of the other projects and events that happen during the week in the life of our church.

Plus, I’m working on launching a young adults group in our church which is exciting! What are you looking forward to in the future?

I’m really looking forward to seeing how God moves in my life for the future! Over the past few years, God has moved through my life in such a way that I can’t even begin to guess the ways in which he will move in the future and especially through the life of Elim Life Church.

And for someone starting out at Regents on a Youth Ministry degree what can they expect to get out of the course?

Anyone joining the Youth Track at Regents should be prepared not only to develop a biblical and theological knowledge around youth ministry, but also to look into what that looks like practically such as through culture, models and so on. I love how the course is very current, looking into the research and findings of recent studies, trends and societal norms surrounding young people.

Regents’ Youth Track will enable you to minister practically specifically into a youth context that is grounded in a developing walk with God.

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