Aspire International – a new project to reach women globally

Aspire and Elim Missions are joining together to partner in missions with an exciting new venture. Iain Hesketh introduces the dream with international ambitions.

IainHesketh I love the way the Holy Spirit can take one short conversation that is full of dreams of what could be and then proceeds to open up opportunities – one small step at a time – for those dreams to begin to turn into reality.

Now I’m not one for huge fanfare and over-promising on new ventures, but when Leanne Mallett and I had a conversation about how Aspire and Elim Missions could partner further in mission, I thought it was something worth pursuing.

About a year or so before my conversation with Leanne last November, ‘Have a Heart’ was launched at an Aspire event. Have a Heart is a simple yet very effective way to financially support Elim Missions’ Be Free Campaign.

From that conversation last autumn, coupled with Leanne’s passion to see Aspire women equipped and empowered for mission, Aspire International was launched.

Mandy Campbell, who has worked at Elim Missions for many years, is passionate about missions and also about seeing women empowered to serve Jesus. Mandy is currently working with Leanne to bring shape to the future of Aspire International.

I’m believing that in the years to come, through this important initiative, women of all ages will be empowered to engage in international mission and that some will hear the call of Jesus to go and serve cross-culturally overseas.

I’ve given over the remainder of this article to Leanne and Mandy to explain more about the vision and how you can get involved.

Releasing women with a heart to serve on the mission field

LeanneMallet Leanne Mallett writes: Our vision for Aspire is to reach, inspire, support and equip women to fulfil the purposes of God. Not only are we passionate about seeing that vision being fulfilled here in the UK, but we would love to see that same vision being carried out further in other nations too.

It’s been a joy to see so many women from our conferences supporting the Be Free projects through the Have a Heart campaign over the last few years.

Both Mandy Campbell and Linda Murray from Elim Missions have joined us at our conferences to share about the amazing work that goes on in the Be Free projects around the world. When Iain and I had that conversation last autumn about how Aspire and Elim Missions could partner together even more to reach women, those dreams soon started to quickly become a reality.

My passion is for Aspire not only to reach women in other nations but to facilitate and help release those women that have the heart to serve on the mission field too. So with this new initiative, we hope to enable women all across our Elim churches to reach women all across the nations. Together we have started to take steps to make this happen!

‘Aspire International’ will be a joining of Aspire and Elim International Missions to reach even more women for Jesus.

More chances to stand against exploitation and give hope

mandy200 Mandy Campbell writes: It is a great privilege to be overseeing Aspire International and we are truly thankful for the support of the Aspire women who have been giving generously to Be Free.

Be Free is the Elim Missions ‘stand against human exploitation’. We are involved in projects in Cambodia, Pakistan, Uganda, Swaziland and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The work of Be Free can best be described in the following Scripture found in Proverbs 31:8-9: “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.”

During my time working for Elim Missions I have had the honour of travelling overseas on many occasions, witnessing firsthand the amazing work undertaken through the Be Free campaign.

These mission trips have had a profound impact on my life and given me a greater passion to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Through Aspire International we plan to extend this opportunity to the Aspire women by offering mission trips in 2020 and 2021.

We hope to visit a variety of different countries including Macedonia, India and Cambodia.


Based in the capital city of Skopje,with Elim Missionaries Ian and Katie Moore, and indigenous Pastors Zoki and Ole Ilievski. Approximate cost: £800 including flight, accommodation, food and activities

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TEAM 2: INDIA   4-12 OCTOBER 2020

Based in Rajahmundry, working with Ignite Ministries, under the leadership of Pastor Prasad and his extended family. Approximate cost: £1,050-£1,200 including flight, accommodation, food and activities

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Based in PhnomPenh, working alongside Pastors Chamnap and Nita and the indigenous church. Approximate cost: £1,050-£1,200 including flight, accommodation, food and activities.

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In each place, we will host a ladies conference and work alongside the local churches in their various programmes. I am trusting that many women will sign up and take the bold step of going on mission. It will be amazing!

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For more information about Aspire International, contact

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