Published on: 15/11/2019

Corabia Foundation Newsletter -  November 2019

Liz Face


It`s amazing to think that it`s a year since we had the re-opening of the house after the fire (and nearly as long since I sent out a newsletter - sorry for that!). Much has happened in that year with God leading us into new areas of service. As the house was being rebuilt we knew God was providing a facility with a much wider use than the work we have been involved in so far and which we are continuing to do - bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the children and teens in the surrounding area as well as working in the Roma community in Sanpaul. A truly international feel has been developing in 2019 with groups and individuals coming from Australia, America, Switzerland,Fiji, Denmark, Slovakia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Holland, Belgium as well as the UK.


We have been delighted to see God using Casa Sperantie as a place of training, equipping God`s people for works of service. In March and June AFCI (Ambassadors For Christ International) held their "Shift M2M" training for church leaders from around Eastern Europe studying the life of Jesus and specifically how He made disciples who could make disciples and how we can replicate that today.


Ambassadors For Christ Shift M2M Training

We have also been pleased to welcome another team from Elim`s Regents Bible College who, as well as enhancing their studies and training, were a great blessing in their practical and spiritual ministry while here. A small group of MAP (Missionary Apprentice Programme) students came to spend the week with us getting some very "hands on" experience of missions work. It is a joy to see young people recognising God`s call on their life and stepping out in obedience in response to it,

For some years we have had a connection with Pastor Ruben Hojer and the Viborg International Church in Denmark receiving much material help from their Cluj base. A close friendship has developed and we have been very happy to receive them as they come and speak in the Roma church here in Sanpaul and bring teaching to our young folk and the Teens Bible study. On two occasions (with a third planned in November)church leaders from the local village churches have come together to hear very practical training on church growth and discipling from Pastor Ruben.


Danish team with the local church leaders

Team Visits

Over the year we have had team visits from different parts of the UK, Europe and America. The American team joined us at our summer camp (more about that later). The team from Kilsyth joined us in the summer to help with children`s holiday clubs and took part in some of the teens activities. Children from Kilsyth Church of God have sent letters and prayers to connect with the children here in Sardu and we look forward to seeing what develops from that. A new team from Holland joined us for two weeks during which time they delivered teaching on relationships to some of our young folk. A group of footballers led by Daryl Robson joined us at the end of May. Daryl has set up an organisation, F3, aimed at spreading the gospel to and through professional footballers. While they were here we were able to go into the men's` prison in Aiud where, along with a Romanian organisation called "Rescue" we organised a football tournament followed by a barbecue and award ceremony where each of the participants received medals and certificates. After the presentation the young men listened attentively as each of the footballers gave powerful testimonies and prayed for them.

Summer Camp at Palatca


The Rock Church in Utah raised money to take 32 Roma teenagers away to summer camp in Palatca (about 60km away from Sardu). The theme of the camp was "I am not ashamed" Romans 1 v 16. The gospel of Jesus Christ was clearly presented to those who did not yet know Him and encouragement given to those who already had made a commitment to the Lord to share their faith with others. Several of the young people asked for prayer and have since been attending our Monday evening Teens Bible Study. We had an amazing time with sports, crafts, camp fire, great food, teaching, worship with very enthusiastic singing. One song was very popular and became a kind of camp anthem. The words speak of being a generation without fear, a generation who who will bring in God`s kingdom. It was so good to hear them still singing it as we brought them home at the end of camp.


Following the camp we have been involved with the children`s programmes in Suceag, joining together with those who have already been working there separately to make one more co-ordinated team. We have also been able to take visiting teams to speak in the Roma church there.

Thanksgiving and Prayer Points

  • Thanksgiving for each of the young people who attended the summer camp and responded in some way. Pray that what they heard will bear fruit in their lives.
  • Thanksgiving for the finances that have come in (and continue to come in) to enable us to finish all that needs doing on and in the house and to equip and furnish it. Thanks too for all the practical donations.
  • Thanksgiving for all the training that has taken place here and that we can see God`s plan and purpose for this place being worked out.
  • Pray for the programmes - Monday evening - Teens Bible study(we have had up to 80 attending this recently so transport is a bit of an issue), Tuesday evening - Children`s programme in Sanpaul, Wednesday evening - children`s programme in Sardu, Friday evening - Teens night, Saturdays - children and teens programme in Suceag.
  • Pray for the Roma church - in Sanpaul many have been working abroad over the summer and attendance has been low, some have now returned, pray they will mature and grow in their faith and be an influence for God in the community, -in Suceag that there will be unity and growth as they move into their newly built (not finished yet) building.


Many of you know Bogdi Pop, one of the leaders of this mission. We are very happy to tell you that earlier this year he got engaged to Andrada Cimpeanu and we are looking forward to their wedding next May. We give them our congratulations and best wishes, we pray that God will bless them as they serve God together.

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