What is Spirit-led, servant minded, shepherd hearted leadership?

In this podcast episode, Stuart Blount reflects on the message that Dan Lian shared at the Elim Leaders Summit 2019: Spirt-led. Servant-minded. Shepherd-hearted.

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00:47 Reflections on ELS19
01:57 What is the definition of leadership and why does the definition matter?
03:51 What is Spirit-led leadership? How do we know if we are being led by the Spirit?
05:46 What does a leader with relationship Holy Spirit look like?
07:55 Servant leadership
10:15 Serving and being served
10:55 The role of the shepherd and the pastor
12:53 Shepherding and caring
14:26 Knowing the shepherd
15:50 Expectations of leaders
17:21 The challenge of ongoing development

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