Published on: 15/08/2019

Smarts in Swaziland

Newsletter June/July 2019

Dear friends and family

1-sHello from all of us at Bulembu! It is Winter in the Kingdom of eSwatini now but we are already starting to see signs of Spring. Thank you for your support and prayers over the last couple of months, we appreciate them all! We are also very grateful to all of you who supported Bulembu by attending concerts in the UK featuring our very own Bulembu choir comprised of our children and young people. Many thanks!

When new babies arrive the whole community prays for them at the church dedication. These are often!

We are half way through our second year now and missing you all, and starting to plan our visit home to the UK for Christmas but things continue to go well here! We've seen two of our young guys baptised and several babies have been dedicated having just joined the baby home. We hope you enjoy reading our latest news and would love to hear from you too if you'd like to email.

Thank you for Welcoming us, UK!

After many, many months of rehearsals, 9 of our young people embarked on the long trip to England, most flying for the first time.Thank you for praying for them. I'm sure those who attended would agree it was a great success! The travel went well, the choir was in good health and audiences all over were impacted by the music and testimonies. One spectator said, 'We had a wonderful evening. The singing was uplifting and joyful, made even better by the smiles on the faces of the choir. They showed incredible talent performing completely acapella too. It was so great to be able to meet some of the people whose lives have been impacted by Bulembu Ministries.'


Challenge Ministries Swaziland Graduation - Elusitweni Teen Challenge women graduate

In June we all celebrated the graduation of five of the ladies from the Teen Challenge program at Elusitweni womens centre. There was so much joy as the ladies danced, sang and were joined by other members of the program to form a choir and many men from the men's Teen Challenge program also graduated and sang pieces. We were able to hear their amazing testimonies and to watch videos of some of their family members sharing about the ladies journey of transformation. God has brought them from darkness to light! Some of the ladies will be staying at the centre while they look for work and complete last parts of their course so we won't be saying goodbye to them just yet. We will continue to have about ten in the creative sessions and computing course. It's a critical time for them as they transition from the centre so please be praying for the graduates for work and reconciliation into their families and communities.

A joint choir from the two centres performed
Testimony time

Intern news

Dan is very excited to have taken on a new intern, David, alongside Mancoba so they can both study online and be part of the IT team with him, learning on the job, and they are doing incredibly well!


David told Bulembu media "I'm just beginning in programming now, but I have a big dream to move completely away from paper." His “big dream” is to own his own software development company in Eswatini focused on data collection. “The trouble with paper is that it takes up a lot of space, and is also not efficient in archiving.” Paperless data collection will improve archiving, filing and retrieval systems, and the efficiency of day-to-day functioning. The journey is beginning in Bulembu working alongside Dan and taking online courses in programming and networking.


Thank you so much for continuing to pray for and support us, and thus being part of this ministry to eSwatini!

We appreciate your prayers for our health, and safety in travel. Travel has been a little too eventful as we have had more car problems and there have been protests and strikes in South Africa so we have to be very vigilant there. A bottle was thrown and broke Talitha's passenger window but no one was hurt. We are very grateful for God's protection over her and for his provision for the window. Please pray that the children will feel safe in future and that there will be more peaceful interactions between the unions, workers and companies in South Africa where violence has occurred the past few years.

Thank you for praying for our new adventure into homeschooling, the girls have worked hard to catch up with the Southern African January-December school year after a late start and have blasted through the first half of their curriculum. Please pray for God to provide for the purchase of next year's curriculum as it needs to be paid for towards the end of this year, for the whole of 2020 and we do not yet have the funds, although it is very reasonably priced. Please pray about whether you may be able to sponsor the girls education as they are unable to obtain free schooling here. Thank you!

Thank you for praying for the worship academy, we are now in the planning stages of our second group of students and reviewing our first season to make improvements. If you are on Facebook you can like and follow the Smartsinswaziland page to see updates of our starting date which should be within a month or so. Thanks to those of you who have offered instruments or to fundraise for instruments. Please email if you would like to help in this way!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for continued provision - PRAISE GOD we are now getting closer to being funded for 2019! Pray that we continue to have new monthly supporters and donors as we are only around 1/3 funded for 2020. Thank you for all your support!
  • Please pray for one of our young people, Bee, who is still in High School and underwent a lumpectomy last week. She awaits results of a biopsy and is very worried. Thank you.
  • Pray for the graduates of Elusitweni as they will need to reconcile with their families and communites and start their new life. We want to see them flourishing! Please pray for our three new girls, one of whom is about half way through her pregnancy; pray that she is well through the pregnancy and also for baby Em who had to go to hospital after being prescribed the wrong medicine.

Thank you for all your prayers, we appreciate them so much!

Dan, Rachel, Tallie, Seren and Anaya.

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