June 2019

What are the keys to developing a leader?

Stephen Gibson shares his heart for raising up and developing other leaders within Elim. Watch his story of how he helped Kevin Levingston excel and progress in his leadership role.


Stephen: My journey of developing as a leader was shaped by someone who saw potential in me. And so that was modelled to me really well. So it's been out of that experience that I've then sought to also disciple and train others.

I think of the way that Paul shaped Timothy and his words to Timothy that he should teach faithful men to be faithful to teach others and so that's been my passion.


Kevin: Stephen and I actually joined City Church in and around the same time not too far apart. I remember not too long after he began serving in his role just noticing him and really liking his enthusiasm for worship and the passion with which he led.

I remember after one of the first services that he was there going up and speaking to him, and saying I really want to sing. I want to join the team and he very much took an interest in in in me, in my development from that point.

Initially I spent some time serving in some parallel ministry, some things that came alongside worship, that gave me an opportunity to get to know the team and for him to get to know me a little bit better, and I guess just an opportunity to bed into the rhythm of serving.

Stephen: It's always so exciting when you see someone develop. You see them begin to excel at the areas of responsibility that they've been given and being able to share life together with Kevin was a really key part of seeing his progress.

I think that by developing a relationship, that allows both support and challenge to come hand in hand more easily.

Kevin: The fact that we developed as friends and we had that relationship there meant that he didn't just get an opportunity to speak into me from like a practical ministerial, musical, worship leader point of view, but he was actually able to challenge me in certain areas of my character which you know I feel the benefit of even today.

Stephen: You as the leader who's got the privilege of developing another needs to be ready and prepared for the day when you will let them go. There was an incredible opportunity that arose from Birmingham City Church and I knew straight away that it was time for Kevin to potentially step up. There was a risk that needed to be taken but it was worth it.

Kevin: You know I think the best leaders they don't just see who you are but they see everything that you could be with time, with development, with input, with challenge and support.

And that's what Stephen did for me Stephen always saw more in me than I saw in myself and I wouldn't be in this position now, I wouldn't be doing the job I'm doing and just getting to serve God and in this awesome way if he hadn't developed me as a leader in the way that he did. It really is as simple as that.


Who are you raising up as a leader? Who are the emerging leaders around you? How can you offer to serve in your church before being asked?

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