Due to the international nature of the Missionary Apprenticeship Programme/Gap Year Programme (accordingly) and the current outbreak of Covid19, the normal delivery of this programme has been temporarily interrupted. This remains under review, so please continue with your application and we will contact you when this resumes.

However, Elim France are running a Gap Year programme starting in September and they would welcome participants from the UK. For more details see Gap Year in France and the video below.

Missions Gap Year

If you’re between the ages of 18-25 and would like to explore God’s calling on your life and different aspects of international missions, then this is the GAP year for you.

For More Information

Elim Missions are seeking pioneers who would like to join us for an adventure from September 2019 to June 2020. We have an exciting opportunity for young adults to help launch a new Gap Year program that combines UK training and international missions.

What's involved?

Throughout the year, you will receive training from the Elim Missions team and from a variety of Elim leaders and international missions organisations. The course includes training resources, church placements and international placements. You will also receive mentoring from an Elim missionary.

Why choose the Elim Gap Year?

The benefit of the Elim Gap year course is that the course is designed to suit you as an individual and your calling. Elim is a Pentecostal denomination that seeks to support and strengthen you in your gifts and strengths. Throughout the year you will get opportunities to serve within a team but you will also get the opportunity to serve as an individual. Another great benefit of completing this course, is that afterwards you could then apply to be an Elim missionary, as it is an equivalent course to the Elim Missionary Academy.

What happens throughout the year?

The year is split into three terms.

Term 1

This term starts with an in depth training week, alongside the Elim Missionary Academy students, at the Elim International Centre. Afterwards, you will be taken to meet your host families before spending the next week at the induction week at your placement church in Halesowen. Throughout your church placement, you will have different opportunities to serve that suits your passions and also causes you to stretch and grow in new areas.

Term 1 also includes weekly training covering a variety of topics, from discipleship to funding, from cross cultural contextualisation to evangelism and many more. You will also be introduced to your missionary mentor who will continue this journey with you via Skype.

Term 2

This term is focused on serving internationally together with the other students on the mission gap year. You will travel together to Macedonia and Albania. You will spend approximately a month in each country alongside our missionaries, Ian and Katie Moore.

Throughout this time, you will get the opportunity to put into practice, in a cross-cultural setting, some of the skills that you developed in term 1. When you return, you will have a debrief in Halesowen.

Term 3

In partnership with the Elim Missions department, you will decide your final placement of the year. This is an opportunity for you to be sent out on your own to a specific location that matches your strengths, gifts and passions. There are over 30 different countries to choose from at a variety of different budgets. You will then serve for a month in your chosen location alongside our Elim Missionaries and partner organisations.

Afterwards, you will return to Halesowen and review your experience before then travelling together on a UK tour. This is an opportunity to share with Elim Churches across the UK some of the lessons that you have learnt and an opportunity to discuss missions with different youth groups and congregations.

Finally, you will return to the Midlands to celebrate your graduation from the programme.

A GAP YEAR? What’s stopping you?

How do I apply?

If you’re interested in applying, please download and complete the application form and email it to Danielle: or if you would like to discuss the course or have any questions, please contact Danielle, at missions@elim.org.uk

Once we have received your application form, we will then contact your references. After receiving your references and reviewing your application, you will then be invited for an interview at the Halesowen church. This is an opportunity for you to see the church and what would be involved during your UK placement and to ask any questions of the Elim Missions team.

After your application, we will contact you to discuss whether you have been accepted on to the course and what happens next. If you are accepted onto the course, we would also ask for the £150 deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I be staying?Throughout the course your accommodation will be provided. During your UK church placement you will stay with a host family. We would expect you to serve equally alongside this family regarding house hold responsibilities, such as doing the washing up and helping with the general cooking and cleaning responsibilities. Whilst you are abroad, accommodation will be provided in a variety of locations, predominantly in gender specific dormitories.

Can I bring my pet?Only tamagotchis!

What do the course fees cover?
The course fees cover all of your food, accommodation and training costs throughout Term 1, Term 2 and the UK elements of Term 3.

What do the course fees not cover?
This does not include the cost of your flights in term 2, or the costs of your placement in Term 3, because the prices vary so much dependent upon location. It does not cover your personal expenditure, so you will need to be aware of needing to budget extra money for your toiletries, any visits home or meals out and so on.

Can I visit home?
There will be a break in the schedule over Christmas for you to go home if you choose to. Throughout the year you will have responsibilities as part of your UK church placement, but there will be flexibility around those to possibly visit home, in agreement with the course leadership team.

Can I go anywhere for term 3?
Almost. We have placement options available in over thirty different locations. However, as part of the Elim Gap year course, you will need to be placed with an approved Elim partner of missionary. So whilst there is a lot of flexibility about where you could be placed, there are also limitations in place for your protection. 


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