May's Direction Magazine - Faith in the face of cancer

Anne Graham Lotz is facing cancer with faith, Bill Wilson is tackling elephants of relevance, the Movement is celebrating 100 years of Elim International Missions with an amazing visit to India, and we ask why life is central for Leon Evans. And all your favourite columns and features.

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Inside Direction Magazine May 2019…

EDITORIAL Chris Cartwright and the power of One

SECRETS OF A HEALTHY MARRIAGE Rob and Debbie Sefton celebrate 40 years

NEWS from Elim and the wider church

BEING RELENTLESS IN MISSION Iain Hesketh visits India to celebrate 100 years of Elim International Missions

I WOULD SNEAK OFF TO CHURCH! Muslim-born Enoch Adekoya now loves to spread the gospel on the streets of Cardiff

OUR FIGHT FOR TODAY’S SLAVES The work to stamp out modern-day slavery

THE ‘ELEPHANTS OF RELEVANCE’ Pastor Bill Wilson urges us to deal with the ‘elephant in the room’ in our lives

A HEART-WARMING WELCOME Libby Holt says she left a piece of her heart in Kenya after a mission trip

WHY LIFE IS CENTRAL FOR LEON Halesowen’s Life Central Church is growing in three locations, says Leon Evans

CHRISTIAN CARE FOR THE ELDERLY Special advertising feature

CANCER IS A MINISTRY ASSIGNMENT Anne Graham Lotz is leaning on her faith after being diagnosed with breast cancer

WHY WE NEED SOCIAL ACTION Phil Briggs argues it’s a real opportunity

A KINGDOM RESPONSE TO TURMOIL Keep life in perspective, says Dave Newton

I’M FIGHTING FOR FAITH How judo black belt Nathan Weaver is working to share the gospel

SHOWING THAT WE CARE is essential, writes Mark Greenwood

MUSIC REVIEWS with Ian Yates

HELPING AFTER EARTHQUAKE Elim stepped in to help those affected in Indonesia, explains Danielle Face


A MOMENTOUS EVENT FOR MEN Mark-Lyndon Jones reports on a powerful prayer event in this month’s MPower

FAITH HELPED ME BEAT DEPRESSION Christian Nade owes a lot to his pastor

I DON’T FRET ABOUT MY BUSINESS Why Joshua Tugwell is busy building custom-made guitars to order

ANSWERS with Rajinder Buxton


AND FINALLY with John Lancaster

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