2 May 2019

Tune into the Elim Leaders Summit - live

We are pleased to announce that the main sessions from this year's Elim Leaders Summit will be live streamed throughout the event and made available on demand afterwards.

Join over 1,400 Elim leaders and ministers from Tuesday 14 - Thursday 16 May for valuable leadership training, insights, worship and teaching, including Dan Lian, Chris Cartwright and other speakers live from Harrogate Convention Centre.

Commenting on the Summit, Chris Cartwright - Elim's General Superintendent, said, “A gathering like this is so significant. We come together not simply for another event but to align our hearts, our ministries and the churches and resources for which we are responsible for even greater effectiveness in mission and ministry.”

“We gather under the theme of 'One Movement, One Mission'. Our focus is on Christ and His Kingdom plans for us in all of our rich and amazing diversity.”

The Elim Leaders Summit provides a unique opportunity to encourage and inspire Elim leadership teams and individuals, bringing them together for greater effectiveness wherever they serve. This 3-day event helps to connect our Elim leaders, empowering them to become more confident in their mission, seeing them and their ministries grow. And now you can watch some of these sessions live online.

Subscribe to Elim's YouTube channel at elim.org.uk/youtube and turn on notifications to be notified when the Summit talks go live. You can also 'Set Reminder' for each event that you want to watch. After the event, the videos will be available on demand, along with audio recordings of the various streams. To find out who is speaking and at what time, take a look at the line up below.

The live stream can also be found on the Summit website at elimleaders.org.uk/live and talks will be available at elimleaders.org.uk/talks.

Livestream Meet Ups 

We know the value of community and connection, so if your church can livestream these meetings in your church building, why not gather people together for the two evenings of the Summit. This could be a gathering in your church building or in home groups around your community.

Encourage people to meet up on both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Serve refreshments from 7pm as people arrive before watching the livestream 7.30pm-9.30pm. 

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