Moores in Macedonia: March 2019

Hello from Macedonia

Last month we celebrated 1 year of living in Skopje! It has been a time for us to reflect about the fun times, the challenging times and how God is working in and through our lives here. We are so thankful to God for this adventure. He has been with us every step of the way and we know that He has great things in store!

Here is a brief look at some highlights from February and March:

Drug Rehabilitation Centre

During February family illness and team availability prevented us from visiting the centre as much as we would like, but these last few weeks we have been able to visit regularly again and it has been amazing! We have been welcomed by some of the regulars and a few weeks ago someone insisted on buying us all a coffee so we could all sit together and talk. We can see doors starting to open here. People are open to being prayed for and hearing about Jesus.

Please do pray for the people at Kisela Voda and for the team that come out with us. We feel God is calling us to push forwards in prayer and action, please would you pray that people would know more of God’s love for them and receive Jesus as the only true saviour. We have had a number of people ask for prayer for release from their addiction. We really want to see God transform many more lives and see total healing for them. We are spending a day a week praying and fasting to seek God’s leading with many things and would love to see breakthrough in this area.

Out on the streets

It is officially Spring! The sun is out now and so are the people. We have been able to return to doing street evangelism in the city centre and have been able to reconnect with some of the homeless people that we met last year. We have had the opportunity to pray for people and share the word of God with them. We have also had some food kindly donated to be able to distribute to those in need along with some booklets titled ‘Essential Questions’, which lead people through the gospel message.

moore1One of the amazing things about being on mission as a family is that God doesn’t want to just work through us adults! During these last few months Kristen had been praying every day for people who do not have food. She approached us to tell us that she feels that God is asking her to help feed people begging on the street. So we have recently begun a family ministry in the city centre. We begin by buying ingredients for sandwiches and preparing them together at home. We then go out into the centre and offer food, bibles and prayer for people who are begging, some of whom are children younger than ours (who are aged 3 and 5). It is such a privilege for us to see God speaking to our children and to be able to support them in following His call on their lives.

moore4Please give thanks as well for our team from Oaza church who come out with us. They are all passionate about taking the gospel to those on the streets and it is great to see them growing in their evangelism skills as we go on mission together. Our aim is to see these guys trained up and empowered to reach the lost and make disciples.


Please would you continue to pray for us in the coming months:

  • Give thanks for our first year here in Macedonia. God’s faithfulness, grace and sustaining power has been such a blessing to us.
  • For those we are reaching at the drug rehab centre in Kisela Voda. That people would receive Jesus and be released from addiction.
  • Please pray for those who come out on the streets with us to partner in the work.
  • That we would be able to build up more connections in our local community.
  • There is a team coming over from Cardiff City Church at the end of April for 1 week. Please pray for good opportunities to share the gospel with people.

Thanks again for reading our news and for your continued support and prayers. We are also grateful to all of you who support us financially as we need to raise 100% of our family and ministry costs. If you would be interested in supporting financially please use the link below.

As always, we would love to hear from you what is going on in your lives. Please feel free to get in touch and let us know your news.
Ian, Katie, Kristen and Josiah.

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