Are you ready to follow to the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is our guide and will always help us make the right move if we listen, says Director of Mission Iain Hesketh.

As Pentecostals, we believe in ‘suddenly’ moments, where God breaks into the timeline of our lives, don’t we? If discipleship is to orientate our whole life under the leadership of Jesus, we open ourselves to the possibility that he will reassign us, even when that timing doesn’t always make sense! That is the story of my appointment to the role of International Missions Director.

As is the nature of ‘suddenly’ moments, I was completely unprepared for a conversation at this year’s ordination service that would cause me to even consider leaving Encounter Church. Through this conversation, I experienced an unshakeable nudge of the Spirit, which over a couple of days led my wife Rachel and I to explore if the Lord truly was leading us to a new assignment. It is amazing how one Holy Spirit moment can change the direction of our lives if we are courageous enough to obey.

There is so much that I could tell you about how the Holy Spirit has led us to this point, but the following axiom might help you understand the posture of our hearts: we have sought to be a family on mission with Jesus, to make much of Jesus, and to follow Jesus wherever he sends us.

Rachel and I want our children to grasp the valuable lessons we ourselves learned through the obedient faith of our parents, thereby fulfilling the ancient call to pass on the stories of God’s faithfulness, grace, and mercy from one generation to the next!

Elim Missions has always existed to make disciples and to release disciples to make disciples in all nations. Paul Hudson oversaw a tremendous move of the Spirit with regard to Elim Global, helping us to bring church planting and disciple-making to the fore once again.

In this next season, we will build on the amazing heritage that is contained within the story of Elim Missions, past and present. We will continue to serve the local church and our missionaries; we will send missionaries into new fields; and we will follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in his mission to make much of Jesus in the earth.

There are two postures I think will be crucial for us as we move forward.

The first: to ensure that we continue to adopt a posture of service. How do we serve our churches as they engage in the mission of God? How do we serve our missionaries to enable to them flourish as disciples of Jesus and fulfil the call he has placed on their lives? How do we serve our Elim Global partners to help them fulfil all the Lord is asking of them?

The second: to ensure we have a posture of listening. We need to listen to the Spirit and to each other, for in doing both that, we can hear what the Spirit is saying as we align our thoughts with God’s Word.

Iain Hesketh took up the appointment of International Missions Director in September. Before that he was Senior Pastor of Encounter Church in Selly Oak, Birmingham. He is married to Rachel and they have two daughters.

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