Published on: 01/03/2019


We have news!

Over the past three years we have seen God move in a nation where faith has largely been rejected. At times we have been overwhelmed by the power of God and the way that He has led us to go to places where Jesus has been waiting for us. It has been an incredible experience, a time of spiritual growth and an education into how cross culture should be embraced with an open mind-set.

BAB church is growing both spiritually and in number. The prayer and worship gatherings every Monday evening bring people in from both the church and others who don’t attend the Sunday services. The evangelism team are busy out on the streets witnessing to the African refugees who have fled Mali, Somalia and Sierra Leone. They hand out bibles, clothes and hot coffee. Florence, who heads up the team is a natural evangelist and speaks for hours with them and is fearless and incredible to observe. We have also been blessed that some people from YWAM in Biarritz have supported us with this work and often join us.

So, it is with mixed feeling that we inform you of a new season that we are transitioning into as a family and as a church. When God makes the call, we as a family choose to be obedient and listen to His voice.

In April we are moving back to Cornwall. Kevin has been invited to take up a new role on 1st May, as Senior Pastor of Gateway 2 New Life Church in both Bodmin and Launceston. This is our sending church and we have maintained a close connection with our church family over the past three years. For us this is an opportunity to, ‘go back to go forward’. We also feel that it is a God idea and not just a good idea!

As a family we have mixed emotions and will take with us wonderful memories, which will stay with us for a lifetime. Rhys and Scarlett have been exposed to a different culture, which we hope will help shape their Christian faith. We have made friends in different parts of the world. We have been privileged to take a community on a journey with the Holy Spirit – which many have not seen before in this part of France. We have shared Freedom In Christ with a local church leadership, which in turn, they are now teaching in the local prison. Most of all, as a family we have come to know what it means to be led by God and to trust Him in all situations.

As we make the transition back to the UK, we ask that you continue to support us financially for the next few months please. We plan to continue to work on the mission field right up to when we leave. This means that every penny raised is going to help develop the church, outreach and put a foundation in for the next season. This has never been about Kevin and Teresa, but rather about being a catalyst for change in the French side of the Basque Country – to which we can honestly say is happening. Thank you Jesus!

Finally, please will you continue to pray for BAB church as we seek God for the future of the church. Someone mentioned this to us last week as they explorethe opportunity to go on mission, “if God is in the vision then He will provide the provision”. This is so true and we have a few important conversations to have this week and pray that God will guide us and give us wisdom.

Your servants in Christ,

Kevin & Teresa Pickup.

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