Published on: 22/01/2019

Moores in Macedonia: January 2019

Happy New Year!
It feels like Macedonia has gone into hibernation this season due to the cold weather! But God never hibernates, He is still at work.

Drug outreach work.

The rehabilitation centre has been quieter recently as people do not want to be outside in the cold weather. However, we have still been able to have some good opportunities to share the gospel truth with people. We have been sharing testimonies about Jesus and some people have taken Bibles with the promise to read them. We’ve been able to pray with people and have met up with one lady to discuss the Bible further. We feel like we are seeing progress here and it is exciting to see what is happening. This work does not come without opposition so please be praying for us, that we follow God’s leading in all we do.

Disciples Making Disciples

We are delighted that momentum is growing with the group of Christians that we have begun to meet regularly with. We have been exploring what it looks like to live as disciples of Jesus, daily living out our walk as his followers, loving him, loving each other and reaching the lost. One of the key messages we will be looking at in the coming months is ‘Who are you sent to?’ We want to help people to discover the mission that God is sending them on, whether it be to their neighbours, workplace or an outreach like at the drug rehab centre. We will then explore how we can support each other to do what God is asking us to do.

Family Life in ‘Makedonija’

The past few months have been both a challenging and exciting season for us as a family. Our Macedonian language is developing, Ian and Katie are having regular lessons and the children are beginning to pick up the language from Kindergarten.

Sadly, once the cold weather begins to come in Macedonia it brings with it a thick smog, which is the worst air pollution in the whole of Europe and sometimes the worst ranking pollution in the world. The air pollution can reach hazardous levels and we are not able to take the children outside as much as we want as it poses a health risk. Apparently 1 in 2 children in Skopje have some kind of respiratory problems. We try to have a day a week out of the city to breathe some much-needed clean air. This means that the children have been able to go sledging in the mountains and we have been able to find some beautiful lakes to visit. This is a really beautiful country and it has been great to see more of it. It is just a shame that some of the exploration has been forced upon us by the pollution.


Thank you to all of you who pray for us. Please would you pray for the following:

  • Give thanks for the opportunities we have had the drug outreach. Please pray for those we have spoken to, that they will receive Jesus. Pray also for us to listen to God’s leading in this time so that we will be ‘as wise as serpents and innocent as doves’ in the spiritual battle here.
  • Please pray that we will be able to quickly pick up the language and be able to use it effectively



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