Published on: 19/11/2018

Moores in Macedonia: October 2018

Hi everyone,

Back in Skopje

Following our August break in the UK we are now back here in Skopje where our work has begun to develop at a surprising pace! Here are just a couple of highlights from the past month

new testamentMission on the streets: One of our key ministries is mission on the streets where we go out with a team from Oaza Church to offer prayer and share the gospel on the streets. We have seen some amazing things happen, people have been healed and we have been able to pray for people who have been open to receiving prayer. What is wonderful is the way that God is using the local Macedonian Christians in this work. We see our role to come alongside and empower people to do what God is asking them to do and it is wonderful to see him at work through people who make themselves available to him.

Drug Rehabilitation Centre: One of our team shared with us that they had a passion to reach those who have a drug addiction. As a result a few of us have also begun going to a local rehabilitation centre where people receive methadone treatment. There are always groups hanging around outside the centre and we have had some wonderful opportunities to bring the message of Jesus into that and pray for them. Some of them have been interested in receiving a bible – we have copies of the New Testament in Macedonian and we are happy to give them out for free on one condition: that the receiver promises to read it! We are encouraging people to read the gospels and then inviting them to bring the bibles the following week so we can do a study on what they have read.

MAP Team: In October we had 7 members of the Elim ‘Missionary Apprenticeship Programme’ join us for a few days. They came and gave their all, joining in with street evangelism, homeless ministry and the tea room. They shared the gospel, prayed for people in a shopping centre and spent time praying for Macedonia. We were delighted that they came and stepped out for Jesus, they have really made a difference for the kingdom of God!

map team

Family on Mission

As a family we want to connect with people living in the area of Skopje where we live and show them the love of Jesus. Recently Katie has been spending time sitting outside watching the children riding their bikes in the park area next to our apartment block. This has led to some connections with other families. We are hoping that God will use this to build more links into the community and we will see people come into relationship with Jesus.

We are delighted that Kristen and Josiah have started well at their new Kindergarten. In the words of Kristen ‘It has a dog, a vegetable garden and a swimming pool in the summer’ (the ‘swimming pool’ is a large paddling pool!). In the UK, Kristen would have begun primary school in September but here in Macedonia, children remain in kindergarten until they are 6. We feel that we have found a suitable Kindergarten for both children that has a focus on outdoor provision and learning through play. Katie will be supplementing this provision with home schooling using resources from the UK.

Please pray for us:

  • Give thanks for the children’s new kindergarten and that they seem to have settled in there well so far.
  • Give thanks for the provision of a car that is big enough to fit our family plus a few other people in.
  • Please pray for opportunities to connect with people in the neighbourhood where we live.
  • Please pray that more and more people will be open to receiving the gospel want to find out more about what the Bible says about Jesus.
  • For the team from Oaza who join us on mission on the streets. Please pray that we will soon see fruit from this work.
  • Please pray for protection for us as a family, that we will be able to stay close to Jesus when times are challenging.



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