God is doing great things in India through Elim

By Keith Warrington

India is the seventh largest country in the world and the second most populous, with 1.3 billion people. In other words, one sixth of the world lives in India. About 28 million of these people are Christians – that’s a lot but it’s less than 3% of the whole of India. So, there’s still much to do and Elim Missions is grateful to be able to work with some of our Elim Global partners there as they share the good news of Jesus. Let me tell you about some of them and also let you know what Elim Missions is doing to help facilitate their missions – especially in providing training for church leaders.

GEMS (Gospel Echoing Missionary Society) is a Mission Organisation with a strong emphasis on evangelism and training, transforming people - spiritually, medically, socially and educationally. It’s focus is - 'Transforming people to transform nations’. A few months ago, Stephen Ball and I concluded the second teaching programme for GEMS, this time for over 50 leaders in Bihar who have completed a two year programme, covering Biblical and Leadership topics, leading to a Diploma in Bible and Leadership, validated by Elim Missions and Word and Spirit.


Maranatha Ministries comprises 850 churches in Chennai and in September, 2018, 400 leaders began a similar programme but this time it is being taught by 40 Indian leaders, using Word and Spirit resources, translated into Tamil for the attendees and teachers. Every month, in 40 hubs, over two years, the attendees will complete sixteen courses – the purpose being to develop them in their ministries.

Feb-warringtonGateway Ministries is based in Rajamundry. Cardiff City Church, which has been partnering this denomination for some years, has financially underwritten the training for the leaders here and Nigel James has taken a leadership role in the facilitating of the programme, alongside Elim Missions and Word and Spirit…demonstrating a great model that other Elim churches could follow. As a result, we are half way through another two year programme, training about 40 leaders of Gateway Ministries.

If you are interested in Missions, in India or elsewhere, either short term or longer, check out the Elim Missions Academy – a one year, part-time programme – and email Danie for details. The third programme was launched last year and some of the participants are shown below…


Indian Christians have so much to offer in terms of their dedication and gifts; we are pleased to play a part in supporting them in their missions. If you would like to know more or participate as a church, contact Keith Warrington.


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