Greetings from Benalmadena

It is so wonderful to hear so many of you are enjoying our Podcasts, Broadcasts on TV and Radio and Internet and we are always so encouraged by your messages and comments. https://www.elimfamilyfellowship.com/catchup-sunday-morning-message/ We have enjoyed meeting some of you this year as you have visited us, please always make yourself known to us. Sometimes we can be so busy we could miss saying hello, especially on Sundays as we prepare for the meeting and often at coffee time. Small church means we have many tasks.

What is the Lord doing amongst us?

Wonderful, mighty exploits! We are still able to reach out to people via the media, this is a wonderful blessing and we trust that our Lord uses it to touch and impact many people, we hope to meet many believers who have been saved, encouraged, enabled to be the men and women of God because of what He, our Lord is doing. He receives our heartfelt thanks for His enabling and strengthening and of course ALL THE GLORY goes to Jesus.


We have witnessed some new people giving their lives to our Lord, and they are keen to be discipled and are therefore giving of their time to join with us for bible training, this such a joy. This September we had a baptism service and they were baptised in the sea, it was the first day ALL summer when the sea became rough and the red flag was flying!! We went in knee deep, that´s as far as we needed to go, they were baptised and Howard and I were almost re-baptised as the swell and waves hit us!! It was a great time for the whole fellowship as we expressed our joy and appreciation for Him.

This summer we have endeavoured to start the building for a future project.

buidlingThe sun has been especially hot this year, we recorded 47C as we were digging up stones for the drystone back wall of the future bathroom or it maybe kitchen. I now know why I did NOT choose to be a builder, it is hard work. I am very impressed with the building work of Howard and Bruno, my role is definitely labourer.

I managed to drop a big stone that I had just unearthed on my toe, it turned a very dark shade of black and hurt for weeks. 2 months later it´s still a little swollen but pain free. I won´t do that again!! Hopefully the three walls that we´re restoring will be completed and the roof on by the end of this year. That may be a faith statement! I´ve tackled lots of brambles, they fight back, I certainly understand the result of 'the fall' Our project will provide a safe place for people to take some time out to be in God´s presence, to enjoy having time to fellowship with Him and others whilst enjoying the peace of nature. Time to be re-filled, refreshed, re-vitalised, restored. We are looking forward to Alan Osborn visiting us. He will be with us for a couple of busy days as he will see first hand our project and will give us the benefit of his experience and advice.

Why are we doing what we are doing?

This is such a good question. Howard & I ask ourselves this frequently. When people think of the Costa del Sol they have the image of sun, sea, white buildings, palm trees, happy families, a good life. On the surface this is true, but, there is so much more to this country which is rich in tradition and culture. There are thousands of towns with no evangelical presence and many, many more villages. People who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, just an empty religious tradition. THE HARVEST IS RIPE, WHERE ARE THE WORKERS???

We face so many challenges, our desire is to reach as many people with the good news we carry. We need help. We so appreciate your prayers, your support. We are trying to use your financial gifts wisely, thank you for giving. One of our challenges is that we live in a very transient place. People come and go, many can´t make a living or adjust to this culture and so they leave, which for us is so nice when they arrive but sad when they go. This makes it difficult for us to build teams, and sometimes it can be so frustrating. Of course as folks move on they take the blessing of what God has done in them to the next place so the Kingdom of God is blessed, however we really do need some help. We have a tremendous desire to reach families and young people. We started a youth outreach work earlier but have had to postpone it for now due to lack of help. We are so blessed to have Pastor Lucy & Bruno who have a heart to reach out and disciple, but they need a team of people who will commit to the vision. SPAIN needs the gospel. People need the opportunity to be saved. We have the message and the vision.

A reminder of the vision

Over the years God has said a few things to us. Our vision is simple and our foundation to what we do it Matthew 28:17-20 ........ When we were co-workers in a Spanish speaking church God asked us, "Will you go to a people group for me?" Of course we said yes, then thought to ask, "Who?" His reply was not what we expected or wanted! He said, "I want you to go to the English speaking people, not excluding the Spanish." Our response was, "Why?" His answer, "Because I am going to move powerfully through this country and they don´t speak Spanish, they´ll miss me, will you go to them for me? and I´m going to move through their homelands, they´re not there, they´ll miss me, will you go to them for me? We passed this by our pastor who said this was God, he released us but it wasn´t in his vision so we were 'on our own'. Of course we knew we needed to be accountable which led us into Elim, but that´s another story.

Another time, God showed us His heart and asked that we reach the youth before they turn to drugs and prostitution. A year or so ago He told us to cast our nets on the other side, which with prayer and advice we think means to be more active with trying to reach Spanish speaking people. We have worked on developing our already good relationship with the Spanish evangelical church in our town. We are bible teaching and encouraging the pastors and their elders, plus some of their congregation and are delighted to see them flourishing.

SpainSometimes I wonder, "WHO CARES ABOUT THE LOST IN SPAIN?" Of course we do and you do, we are in this together. But we don´t have pictures showing people walking on the wide path to hell which will touch people to help, just our voices to plead for help to reach people before it´s too late. Approx. an hour and a half drive away are 3 large static home sites full of English speaking people, we have been a few times to minister there at Christmas and Easter time, but what is really needed is someone who would live there and start a housegroup/church. We have the means to start a Pentecostal church in Benidorm where there are many English speaking people but no Pentecostal church. Who will go? We are doing what we can, we have started a small bible study group in an inland town called Coin, two of those who have been saved and baptised this year is through this venture. We hope that we will reach many more souls. We have been meeting in a café where it is VERY NOISY, we are moving to a different café where we hope it will be quieter and less distracting and it will be easier to minister to the needs of the folks who are coming (at the moment we are 7 people). Ideally we want our own place for Sunday Church meetings for a focal point to gather the lost and those who have no church fellowship. There are NO English church meetings at all in this town BUT MANY ENGLISH SPEAKERS The population of Coin is approx. 22,000 - 30% are British and of course many other peoples speak English. God is good, He is building His church in Spain, but we must pray for workers to bring in the harvest.


Personally, we have all the needs most people have and of course Howard has the responsibility of being the President (same as General Superintendent) of the Federation of Elim Churches in Spain. He is presently organising our national pastors & leaders conference here in Benalmadena with Roy Johnston as our main speaker, this is the first time in the history of Elim in Spain that such a meeting, a national meeting will be hosted in the south of Spain.

Our family in Spain

Again, thank you for your love and support, we need you. Your encouragement is greatly appreciated. Together, united in our roles as His body we will see the lost in Spain saved. Thank you to Jesus for His vision and the church´s mission and His promise to be with us all until the very end of the age. May God continually bless you. With love from Sue and Howard


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