Published on: 06/10/2018

August/September Update

Hi everyone,
This month has been different than usual - I attended a trauma counselling course, had our All Nations retreat, and my parents have been here the last couple of weeks!

Ocean View

The shooting has calmed down and things are back to normal in Ocean view. We are very grateful for this and hope the peace lasts! Our team leaders also returned from Switzerland after having visa problems for over 3 months.

Cherish: We started the Cherish course with the Thursday night youth community - a 10 week course looking at our identity in God and covering topics such as relationships, substance abuse, family life, etc and it is written specifically for an African context. Please pray for the girls and guys as they talk about big issues they currently face.

DBS with Cassidy and Daniel's family: Last time I mentioned two children from our kids community who live in a very difficult situation. We had a great time with the grandma starting a DBS (discovery bible study) and their mother joined us to our surprise. She had just fled an abusive partner and opened up about her situation and we were able to pray for her and her relationship (or lack of) with her kids.

Rob: Rob is out of hospital and back in Ocean View. He is still very sick (he has an open stomach still - one of our team almost fainted on visiting him!) but is able to recover from home.He has been ostracised from the community as people are afraid that he is still a target for attack, so our team are doing their best to demonstrate love and acceptance to him and his family.

Changes in All Nations

NEWLEADERSThe retreat was useful to start to get to know our new leaders. I think a lot of All Nations structure will be changing - I am waiting to see what this looks like but think it will change in a good way! With my parents being here the last 2 weeks I've not had a chance to catch up with them personally but I'm looking forward to doing so.


I've enjoyed showing my parents around Cape Town and also going away for a few days and being a tourist! They also got to go on some house visits in Ocean View and visit a lot of the people I spend time with. I also had fun celebrating the little girl Lienke's 2nd birthday who lives in our house and dressing up as a clown!



If anyone would like to buy a t-shirt from Hopetown, you can see them at - you might spot my face there :o The t shirts are designed and printed by our team and local interns in Ocean View, and the profit goes back into the skills training at Hope town. Cost is £15 including p&p to the UK.

Let me know your news and what I can be praying for,

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