Fenner Newsletter - September 2018

“When it is a question of God’s almighty Spirit, never say, I can’t” - Oswald Chambers

Over the last months we have been in awe and sometimes surprised as we have seen God moving mightily in this place He has called us to serve. We have become more and more aware of God wanting to do it His way, and in this conviction we are learning to stand back and surrender even more.

Furlough 2018

In April we travelled from Johannesburg to London to commence with our furlough. It was special to be reunited with our children and grandchildren in the UK, as well as spending time with our sending church at Ingatestone Elim.

We had opportunity to minister in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, where we were greatly encouraged and left each place feeling rather special. Thank you to all the churches, people and mission staff who made this time so wonderful. We were able to attend Elim Leaders Summit in May, and also fellowship with leaders from all over the Globe who were attending the Elim Global Partners Conference.


Family News

RingJanet and I are proud and delighted to announce the Engagement of our daughter Kyla to Seth Ndzangu on the 7 th September 2018. We have been blessed to watch a wonderful love journey.

Kyla and SethKyla will be returning to the UK with her fiancé permanently. Please pray for this special couple as they apply for visas for Seth, and Kyla seeks employment in the UK to enable her to return home.


National Consultations

Robin is now serving on the Emmanuel National Leadership Team. The last three months have seen this team facilitating consultations with Pastors and leaders in all the districts. At these consultation we committed to national revival, Church Planting, a realness of Mission, true unity of heart through the Holy Spirit, preaching in the power of the Holy Spirit and a hunger for another Pentecost in our over two hundred churches.


Youth Conference _ Rustenburg

Robin spoke at the Sunday session of the Youth Conference at Emmanuel Rustenberg, in the Highveld District. The Passion and excitement of these young people as they responded to Jesus inspired and left me in awe of what God is doing amongst the young people of this nation.


Community Outreach

Dependant upon donations we receive, we are able to reach out to the community with the love of Christ. The communities around us struggle with poverty on a daily basis, and it is a privilege to reach out, being the hands and feet of Christ.

I had the opportunity of meeting a man at our gate named Nicolas. Before he even spoke to me, I saw the look of desperation and despair on his face. I asked if he was okay, and his reply was he was hungry. He said he doesn’t like to beg, but he had nothing to eat.. He told me hadn’t eaten for three days. He told me he didn’t want money, he just asked for something from our kitchen. I invited him in, Janet cooked him a meal. I discovered in conversation that he is educated and skilled. He couldn’t get a job as they are few. After more contact with Nicolas and much prayer, he now has a full time job and food in his own kitchen.

comes every second Friday to pick up a food parcel. She looks after all her younger siblings and also unable to find employment. We are able to provide food and hygiene products to this vulnerable family.


Verulam Pre School and Food Project
We have successfully purchased the land on which to build this community centre and church. However, legal costs have eaten into our funding, which has left us with a shortfall. We continue to look to God for His financial provision to be able to begin building.

We were able to visit a family who had lost their mother – who was the pillar of the family. Robin was able to give them a ten minute word from the Scripture and pray for them. We have become very much a part of this community.


Ngwenyeni Water and Crop Project
We are inspired as to how this borehole and crop project has impacted this community. Many are coming to Salvation as they work on the land, being given the Gospel by the Granny’s and young people who oversee the project. We are amazed to see how the church community is running this project. On a recent visit, they told us the pump had broken, thinking we would have to somehow fund the repair, we were told – we have had it repaired, we took the money out of our profits.


Church Visits

We have visited and ministered at numerous churches covering long travel distances across the four districts we serve. We are seeing a great move of the Holy Spirit, lives being transformed and restored, and many coming to salvation. There was a Granny in the congregation at Mamelodi Emmanuel, in Pretoria. She could not speak English, but we were able to pray restoration over her life. We were not aware of her personal circumstances. After the service, one of the young adults bought her over to us and explained that this lady was unable to lift her arm up and was struggling with her hand. She explained that while she was being ministered to, her arm and hand loosened up and she received healing movement. She stood before us with tears, her arms lifted to Heaven with thanksgiving.

Eastern District


Northern District




Central District


Church Plants

Last year we prayerfully embarked on planting a church in a village named Mokoko, some two hours drive away from our home. We were not sure if we should go ahead as Janet was recovering from surgery the week before because of her cancer diagnosis, but as a couple we made the decision that the Kingdom work should carry on.

In July I attended a Thanksgiving Service at Mokoko with Janet. Thanksgiving for the church growth, for those who have come to salvation in the last months and for the established church planted from those nights in last years big tent Gospel Crusade.


Yes, out of a difficult time for Janet and I last year, and continued work no matter what was going on around us, from tiring nights and long drives to crusade every night, we stand in absolute awe of what God has done – a planted, healthy, growing church at Mokoko. I preached on the Fire of God at this service, that the church needs to be Spirit filled. It was a beautiful day....the Spirit touched lives....a day all about our great big God.

Bible Schools

Gutshwa and Hazyview
Robin continues to teach at the Bible Schools we planted two and a half years ago. Second year students are now coming to completion, and we are starting to plan the graduation service. We have registered nineteen new first year students. We are so encouraged to see the growth of vision birthed within us.


Mozambique Leadership Program
Leadership training continues with the Pastors in Southern Mozambique, which we facilitate in blocks over a period of time. God has placed two wonderful teachers alongside Robin. John Cavill who travels on short visits from the UK, and a Missionary, Eugene Wessels, from Mozambique who I got to know and work with on my short term mission trips to Mozambique. He is now based in South Africa, not far from our home. It is a joy to see the passion, hunger for Gods Word and work we see displayed in these leaders lives.


Revival Meetings

We held Revival Meetings lasting a week in two different locations at Steenbok in our Eastern District and at Shishila in our Central District. We are thankful for John Cavill, who travelled from our sending church in the UK to minister at these meetings alongside us. We give thanks for the move of the Spirit in these meetings, and for the lives that were restored and the many who came to salvation.


Prayer Points

  • For our family as we see adjustments and changes. For Kyla and Seth.
  • Costs of petrol, utilities and food are rising sharply on a monthly basis in South Africa. Please pray for increased financial sustainment to enable us to remain on this mission field God has called us to.
  • For the Bible school students as they prepare for their exams.
  • For safe travel as we regularly drive long distances.
  • For increased anointing as we minister to the people of this area in South Africa.

We thank you for your continued prayers and for the continued monthly financial support. We are thankful that you walk this mission field alongside us. If you want to support us please use the link below.

Robin. Janet and Kyla Fenner

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