The McKillop's Newsletter: Nov 2017 - Jan 2018

Harvest safely stored in new building!

Grain StoreIn past years it has been a real struggle balancing the storage of the maize harvest with the need to use our halls for teaching. This year there has been no conflict whatsoever due a very kind donation which enabled us to construct a storage depot primarily for the use of local farmers. This year we have been blessed with another good harvest and grain is safely stored as threatening rain heralds the end of the long dry season. The local farmers feel blessed that they are not under pressure to move their grain and can await optimum prices and thereby be better able to send their children to colleges and further education.

100,000 bricks burned and ready

BricksThere is always a tension when making bricks. The sun needs to be strong to dry the bricks thoroughly so that they can be safely built into kilns for burning. This is also the time of year when one can get an early, heavy rain with the potential to destroy two months of hard work casting the bricks.

An early rain on an August night gave us a big fright but fortunately we were able to cover the kilns with tarpaulins to prevent them collapsing into a soggy mess!

Brick pileAfter firing the bricks for seven days, the kilns are now burned and we have excellent bricks for future building projects.

One of our recent challenges has been accommodation for those visiting who assist with our varied training programs.

We have been looking to the Lord to provide the means to build these two extra houses and we are moving forward as the Lord provides through His people.

Trainees complete Skills Training

TraineesWe were thrilled to see so many young men and women, Builders, Carpenters and Dress Makers complete their Skills Training in August. Standards at Nyangombe are high and for folks to gain good marks means that they have worked very hard for at least 16 months. Our training is holistic in nature and some of our team at NCTC offer pastoral care and support throughout the year and during times that trainees’ families encounter crisis. This care has often been the means whereby young people have encountered God’s love in action towards them for the first time. For this reason many come to a personal faith in the Lord Jesus during their training and many have gone on to become leaders in Churches in their home villages. Five ex trainees from twenty years ago, now church leaders, are presently attending a Bible School at NCTC. This continues to be a great encouragement to us.

Ladies learning how to teach

Ladies learning to teachLadies have long been neglected in the African Church in general. They have a vital role to play and slots have been made in our annual program to encourage women with a teaching gift to be further trained to teach others ladies effectively. This project has proven to a great success and we have observed over recent years the significant impact that women have made for the cause of Christ in their villages through imparting sound teaching to other women. There is also a real sense where women are much more likely to teach children the things of God than the men, so this is a long term project to empower ladies to influence society and their families. Please pray with us for these ladies to impact their villages and communities for the Lord through imparting sound teaching and good counsel in all of life’s situations.

We appreciate your prayer and support for the work undertaken at Nyangombe. Never a day goes by but we are conscious of the partnerships we have with so many supporters.

Gordon & Sybil

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