Published on: 28/08/2018

Sian Davies Biojemmss

Newsletter August 2018

Welcome to our Summer Newsletter. We are excited to have entered a new season!
“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

For those who missed it: check out our fantastic camp video here!


Biojemmss Changes

On the 19th March 2018 The Biojemmss Organisation, UK was granted UK charity status (Charity Number: 1177603). We are so excited to enter in to this new season, and strongly believe that this has come at a key time in this adventure of ours!

Independence will streamline our processes and enable us to better keep in touch with supporters. It will also give us the agency to expand and develop our work, and have greater impact on the children, families and communities with which we work. Biojemmss now has a UK trustee board and is registered with the Charity Commission. Our yearly annual accounts will be published on the Charity Commission website. Please ask note our change in correspondence address.

If you would like to know more about our current trustees, you can have a look at our newly updated charity website ( or our page with the commission. If you are interested in getting involved in the governance of the UK charity, you can contact us using our usual email address

Although we are thrilled at our independence, we also look back with such gratitude and fondness at the special partnership we had with Elim Missions this last decade. Thank you Elim for blessing us out as we have taken this step of faith. We also ask for people to pray for Elim as they also step in to a new season of their own with their recent appointment of a new missions director: Iain Hesketh.

If you would like any more details about what this all means in terms of our on-going relationship with Elim, governance, or operations we will be happy to provide this to you on request.

Family Strengthening

2Biojemmss is developing its community-based work in Rukungiri. We aim to identify children at risk of abuse and intercept before it happens.

Biojemmss has recently provided assistance to two sisters who were both born deaf and mute. Their mother is an alcoholic and used to expose her daughters to risky adults whilst under the influence.

The youngest one, aged 6, had remained in her mother’s care after the oldest one had run away to stay with an aunt. They had never gone to school or learnt to use sign language which meant they could not disclose or raise the alarm if anything were to happen to them with these adults.

Biojemmss partnered with their mother to create a plan where the children were safe, but they would still be living with their family and nurturing those relationships.

We agreed with her for Biojemmss to pay for the children to go to a special school which would cater for their additional needs and teach them sign language. The children would then stay with their mother's permission in the safe care of the aunt during the holidays where she could visit them. We continue to work with the family so that in the long-term they can return to their mother's care.

Biojemmss Member News


  • Great to hear that Onesmus was made Head Boy at his school! Fantastic achievement. Thank you for supporting us to stand with youngsters and help them achieve their dreams and aspirations. Well done Onesmus.
  • Phiona has successfully completed her social work placement. During this time, she was working with families in need and applying all her university theory to practice.
  • Mukasa secured an internship with the accounting department at Red Cross and absolutely loved the experience.
  • We are pleased that Mukasa has been offered a part-time job at Mengo Hospital whilst he completes his accounting degree. Biojemmss has already supported Phiona to learn hairdressing which she will start doing part-time alongside her social work degree.
  • Joseph continues to work hard to develop the school he started. The students have just completed their second term of this academic year. Biojemmss is working with Joseph to identify children in the community or at his school who are suffering abuse, so we can provide support to family and community members to intercept and help keep children safe
  • Kamanzi has finished his year at nursing college and is awaiting his results. He hopes to go on and complete a diploma following his certificate. Kamanzi faithfully ran the Christian Union this year. We are so proud of his commitment to sharing the gospel with his classmates
  • Our youngest meanwhile are all in school holidays and enjoying the break! They have been dancing and performing in church for various conferences.


Current Biojemmss Needs

7Those of you who keep up with our social media sites will know that we recently launched our land appeal.

Owning land and property in Uganda is a big deal. It demonstrates commitment to the community, to authorities, and to our own members. It is also a sign of status and will help to increase our influence in matters that impact children. Biojemmss rents both premises and has recently had to move to a new house in both Rukungiri and Kampala due to rent increases and outstanding repairs.

Biojemmss is therefore making a two-step appeal to build our very own permanent family home. It will cost approximately £40,000 ($53,150) to complete this project in addition to our ongoing costs. Biojemmss needs to start by raising £14,000 ($18,600) for the land and all associated costs. Biojemmss will use any additional funds to first start on the building work, and then for our general fund.

If you would like to keep track of this appeal, or make a financial donation, please check out our giving page:

As always, thanks for your support from all of us at Biojemmss

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