Published on: 14/08/2018

Robinson Ministry Update -  August 2018

Tim Robinson

Morning all!

After a whirlwind two months in the UK we are back in Nigeria!


img0903Thank you so much to all of you in the UK who opened up your homes to us, who fed us, who showed an interest in what we are up to, who prayed for us and who generally just made us feel welcome! We managed to see a lot of people but as always there were many that we did not succeed in meeting up with, sorry if you were one of them, let’s try again in two years time!

Welcome to those of you who newly signed up to receive our updates, we really appreciate the opportunity to share with you a bit of our lives and some of the amazing things that God is doing here in Nigeria.

Our heart-changing God . . .

To be honest with you I (Ali) have always pretty much dreaded our furlough times in the UK. Nigeria is our home and we have a settled life here and leaving that to traipse around the UK for 2 months is not my idea of fun!

To give you an little insight, (we did have a lot of fun says Tim) but we also slept in 12 different beds (two of them on two separate occasions), visited 9 different churches and were blessed to share at 7 of them. But the thing I dread is asking people to consider supporting us financially. In the past it has felt a bit like I am begging, like it was a sign of some sort of failure on my part and frankly, just plain awkward!

img0923During our previous term in Nigeria God had been working on my heart and attitude, he showed me that what we are actually doing is giving people the opportunity to invest some of their money in the kingdom of God. A much surer investment than any stock or share! As a result of this change of attitude I was able to face the prospect of support raising with far less trepidation. I guess I still find it a little awkward – we Brits just don’t do talking about money – but God is good and his kingdom is well worth a little awkwardness! If you were one of the people who expressed an interested in supporting us, but didn’t get any information from us as about how, we are super sorry! Please find information about how to partner with us HERE.

Green transitions

As we transition back to Nigeria differences seem much more obvious. One thing I am really noticing is just how green everything is here. The UK was so dry and brown but Jos is lush and green and it feels like it has rained more since we got back two days ago than it did in the whole 10 weeks we were in the UK!

img0981Dan is transitioning back into school. He started High School the day after we arrived back in the country so hitting the ground pretty firmly! This is his first year in High School but the first day seemed to go well and only two of his classes were not quite where he thought they were.

Tim and I are working on getting unpacked, restocking supplies and generally getting the house back in order.

If you can spare us a few minutes we would really appreciate your prayers!


  • A good mix of doing and chilling during our furlough
  • Made it back to Jos safe and sound with all our luggage!
  • Good transition so far into life here


  • Dan to find his feet quickly in High School
  • For Tim and I as we get back into our jobs and tackle our backlogs!
  • That the remaining pieces of financial support that we need would come in

Tim, Ali and Dan Robinson.

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