King's Kids Family Newsletter from Indonesia

Welcome to our August 2018 Newsletter!

Kids started back to school in July and this is not all of them pictured left (it proved too hard to get all the kids down stairs and into the photo at 6am!) Our two youngest, Arno and Esther started Kindergarden, Judah moved up to 1 st grade, they are all very happy about that, Joy and Febri moved up to junior high. We now have a total of 25 children in school.


Over the past 2 months we have welcomed 6 new kids into our home and there are more planning to join us soon. Meet (left to right) Samuel, Michael, Davin, Gaby, Reang and Nia. We have said goodbye to several of our older kids who have moved on, as well as a mother and her daughter; Adhe got married to a widowed pastor and has moved aug2a
to Sulawesi with her daughter Debora to be with him, we are delighted for them and pray the merging of two families will go smoothly. We are also pleased to report an answer to prayer for new staff! Mena a Papuan lady joined us last year and now we have two guys, Robby and Evan from Jakarta who joined us just last month after completing their DTS with Ywam Surabaya. So more helpful hands to handle more kids. God has worked miracles in how the school fees were covered at the start of the school term, especially with 6 new kids to enroll. We are so grateful for His faithful provision on a daily basis..


Novi and I had a quick visit to the UK to attend Elim conferences which were amazing, encouraging and very inspiring, we have come back motivated to start up some new projects so watch this space! We are very sad to be losing Paul Hudson as our missions director, he did an amazing job, was caring, funny and so supportive! We wish him all the best in his new post. We welcome Iain Hesketh as our new missions director and look forward to see how he will lead us in this new season.

Life with King's Kids

Last year we had a visit from Lainey and Roy Hitchmen and Lainey wrote this, thought it might give you a wee taste of what life is like here;-

There are some life experiences which make you feel privileged, visiting Novi and Sheryl and their children's home was one of those. It’s hard to articulate what we expected when we came but when we woke abruptly on our first morning by a call to prayer it was our first experience of the unique challenges they face.
4.45 a.m. a bell wakes the children and they tumble out of bed and go downstairs for devotions at 5 a.m. What a contrasting sound! The sound of praise filling the atmosphere followed by the combined voices of children reading a passage from the Bible. Then a short word to encourage them before the day begins.
5.30a.m. The bathroom routine and of course breakfast. Just think about what that's like at your house & then multiply that by 25! there are 8 showers in total but they are not the typical showers that you find in the West, it’s a bucket of cold water over your head!
6.20a.m. The school run is like nothing you've seen, there are 16 in an 8 seater car! And then there are the roads. I remember complaining about our school pick up runs, and we only had three kids. Sheryl's first pickup is at 11.15, 12.20, 1.35, 2.30/3.00 and sometimes 4.00.
4.00 pm is work duty when the kids help out by doing some basic chores.
4.30 pm showers (the average temperature is usually low 30s but it's 90-100% humidity)
5.00 pm Discipleship groups / Action groups / English classes.
6.00 pm is meal time. Imagine cooking for 40!
7.00 pm - 8.30 pm homework/study
8.30 pm -9.00 pm evening devotions

What amazed us was that this grueling time table and the stresses of constant interruptions to sign school books, pay school fees, and sort out issues, there is still time to give hugs, make everyone feel loved and bring smiles to their little faces. We were there to witness one of the newest little ones experiencing ice cream for the first time. This little one is also having to learn Indonesian, you might wonder why but with over 300 languages spoken throughout the islands this is not an unusual challenge for Novi and Sheryl. Add church planting and community connection to the to-do list and it's not surprising that our reaction has been to be in awe of this amazing couple with huge hearts.

We'd also like to encourage you, if you are already supporting them, you are partnering in something truly amazing and making a difference in the lives of many!

Prayer Points

Please pray for us and with us. God has given us a big responsibility to look after the lives and hearts of 23 children and our staff.

  • For strength and wisdom, for unity, peace, boldness and grace to deal with the pressure.
  • For our kids that they will grow in their love of Jesus.
  • For our financial needs and our staff needs.

Take care and be blessed,

Sheryl, Novi, Kayla, Judah and all the staff and kids at King’s Kids

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