News from Guatemala - June 2018

Rachel & Oscar Mendoza

This month I’m sure that you have heard more about Guatemala than usual, we know the tragic eruption of the volcano Fuego was reported on the news back home. Thank you for all the emails and messages checking that we are ok, we are safe and well along with all the families with whom we work. Here is a short update from us, including more info about the eruption and how you can get involved.

After the eruption there was A LOT of clean up to do, our area was mostly affected by the ash fall. Everyone spent days clearing this up! But once this was done we were able to have a really important time of teaching with the kids about perfect love casting out fear. Even the older ones joined in with this and wrote down their fears to give to God. It was truly special and we trust that God has done something bigger than we know in their hearts. Please do pray for the kids, and all the people here, that they will know the love of God in this time, and His amazing power to kick out fear!

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Residency Application

mendoza6-juneSome very good news from us… we received our permanent residency this month! After many trips to immigration and SO much paperwork we are so happy to say we are finally permanent residents of Guatemala! Thank you all again for your prayers, we have seen God’s hand all over this as it has taken only 10 months to come through on a process we were told could take 1-2 years! We just have a couple more steps we have to do, registering at another office and then back to immigration for the final stamp in our passport so please do continue to pray with us for this. We are trusting that these last few things will go smoothly. It really is wonderful news for us and we are very excited to have received this and to feel even more officially part of the community.

Aftermath of the eruption

The eruption of the volcano, Fuego (meaning Fire), really is a national tragedy here in Guatemala. It has devasted communities, there have been 12,000+ people evacuated from their homes and the death toll is currently at 109. The emergency services are still looking for people amongst the ash and debris. Here in Antigua, we are fine. The worst we had was an ash shower. But after the main clear up of this was done, it has left us feeling shaken and heart broken for the people that live not so far from us, now in shelters with nowhere to go.

We are praying for these people and for peace over the volcano and this land. We trust our wonderful, loving Father to bring beauty from literal ashes. If our heart goes out to them, how much more so does His. Right now we ask you to please pray for this country and these people. We can tell you whole heartedly that this is a beautiful nation, we have seen the wonderful heart of love that people here have for one another as everyone joins together to look after those touched by this disaster. Our kids at the Light House have brought us so much happiness and hope this week, although clearly a little frightened by the whole thing they have been laughing and playing and reminding us of the joy in life here even in the midst of tragedy.

Our church here, along with many other churches and organisations, have mobilised quickly in collecting funds and food, clothes and medical supplies to be taken to those in the shelters. At the moment about 4000 people are living in the shelters. This is not going to change over night. All these people will need to be rehoused, and they are not people who have the means to do this for themselves. The communities around the volcano are rural, humble communities, many of whom choose to live there out of financial necessity. They will be reliant on finances provided by donations from others, here in Guatemala and from around the world.

Elim Missions has launched an emergency relief appeal to support those affected by the eruption. Please follow this link to give or call 01684 588 940. Thank you.

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Prayer Points

  • Please pray for those affected directly by the eruption of the volcano.
    • Provision of food, clothes, medicine etc.
    • Long term re-housing
    • To know God’s love and to see Him restore double to them.
  • For the kids and families at the Light House, that they will know the love of God and will not walk in fear.
  • For the final steps of our residency
  • Protection, health & safety.


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