Published on: 18/06/2018


Roy And Joyce Lynn

Roy and Joyce Lynn, and their daughter Pamela Grace

Robert (Roy) Lynn, 36

Roy Lynn was the eldest of four children. Following study at Ballymena Technical College, he worked as an apprentice motor mechanic at General Motors, Ballymena, Northern Ireland. Roy, with his siblings and parents, attended Trinity Presbyterian Church in the village of Ahoghill, Co Antrim, and as a young teenager he made his own decision to accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord of his life.

Although Roy had a slight physical disability, this did not deter him from pursuing God’s call and plans for his life. With some of his young friends, Roy enjoyed the fellowship at Cullybackey Elim Pentecostal Church and it was from this church  that Roy left to study at Elim Bible College in Capel, Surrey. Following college, Roy was inducted as the pastor  of Brookeborough Elim church, and in 1975 he responded to the call of God and the request of Elim International Missions to travel to Rhodesia to help at Katerere mission station. It was at Katerere that Roy met the young woman who was later to become his wife.

In 1977 he and Joyce Pickering were married. Their daughter Pamela Grace was born on June 1, 1978, just three weeks before the attack. Roy’s brother Geoffrey first heard about his family members’ deaths the day after the massacre when a gentleman from their local church conveyed the news to him.

Joyce Lynn (nee Pickering), 36

Joyce, born in 1941, grew up on a farm in Yorkshire. She loved to sing from an early age and would often belt out the hymn: “Stand up, stand up for Jesus.” Her family attended one of the smallest Methodist chapels in the UK and it was there that Joyce would recite Bible passages and poetry at special occasions. Later the family also attended Milton Elim Pentecostal Church.

Joyce and her sisters were blessed to have Christian parents, and at an early age Joyce made the decision to follow Christ. Following a pre-nursing course at Poppleton Hall, she completed nurse training at the City Hospital, York. Since childhood she was being prepared to leave the UK to become a missionary nurse at the Elim Hospital in Katerere, Rhodesia.

Joyce’s sister Mary will never forget the evening of June 23, 1978. It was the norm for the family to have a Bible study in their home on a Friday evening, and on that night Mary had a heavy heart and her thoughts were for her sister Joyce living in Rhodesia. Mary found it very difficult to pray on that night and the next day she was to discover that was the time that her dear sister Joyce and her husband Roy, along with recently delivered baby Pamela Grace, were killed by terrorists in Rhodesia. The following day, Joyce’s parents, with her sister Mary and other family members, went shopping in York and when they arrived home a neighbour came to give them the news that had probably been heard on the BBC news broadcast.

The local village in Yorkshire raised money to help Mary and her parents to travel to Rhodesia for the funerals. Perhaps one of the last things that Joyce did on June 23 was to post letters and cards to her family back home. Joyce was aware of the political and security challenges that faced them in Rhodesia but she was prepared to follow the call of God no matter what.

Pamela Grace Lynn, aged three weeks

Pamela was the daughter of Roy and Joyce. She was just three weeks old when she was murdered. The baby was received into heaven – a short life on earth but with Christ for eternity.

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