In honour of the 40th Anniversary year since our missionaries laid down their lives,  we are opening The Vumba Memorial Garden in September this year.  The garden will be dedicated to the 9 adults and 4 children who lost their lives serving in The Vumba, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).  This will be a reflective, restful space to seek God and experience His peace.  The garden is based at the Elim International Centre in Malvern and will be available for visitors to view and spend time in.

Garden-DrawingThe groundsman from the centre have coordinated the design of the garden, in conjunction with Paul Hudson, International Missions Director. There will be a central seasonal tree, as the main focal point, with engraved slabs circling the foot of the tree, displaying the names of each of the missionaries who died in 1978.  Information about the Vumba Massacre and other contemplative thoughts will then guide you around the garden. 

In September we are hosting ‘A Time of Remembrance’; an opportunity for the family and friends of our beloved missionaries who were martyred in 1978,  to gather in their memory. This is when the garden will be opened.

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We Need Your Help!

Will you partner with us as a church? The cost of the garden and the event is £30,000. Would you consider making one Sunday in 2018 a ‘Missions Sunday’ to focus on the story of the Vumba and to help raise the funds?

There is also an opportunity to sponsor a part of the Garden; one of the benches, the tree, the flower beds, etc.  We would then be able to include the names of the churches involved around the garden to show the collaborative effort which has been made to see the garden completed.

Other ways to give

Bank Transfer

Account Number: 01439364 
Sort Code: 309187


Payable to Elim International Missions, marked 'VUMBA GARDEN' on the reverse.
Send to:
Elim International Missions,
Elim International Centre,
De Walden Road,
West Malvern, WR14 4DF.


Call:  01684 588 940

Monthly Return

For Elim UK churches you can give through your monthly returns indicating VUMBA GARDEN under the missions section.