The vision behind the work of Elim Global

The kingdom of God is expanding right around the world through Elim Global. Paul Hudson explains how it works.

We imagine Elim Global churches being in every nation of the world. We envisage Elim Global establishing a disciple-making movement with strategies for church planting and leadership development in every nation.

We imagine the expansion of Elim Global through our continued focus of surrendering to the Spirit, in sending out missionaries and the promotion of the Church around the world. The values are clear: we have been focused since September 2013 on cultivating honesty in our work and having wholesome relationships on every level.

What we hold of most value are three things:

  1. The Church: everything we do has got to involve the Church. Even humanitarian works need channelling into an existing or new church.
  2. The Missionary: Elim has sent out missionaries since 1919. We believe we are on the verge of seeing Elim move from 76 (September 2017) to more than 100 in the next three years.
  3. The Holy Spirit: who we are learning to keep in step with, to surrender to and be flexible enough to try new things.

What is Elim Global?

There are 69 national leaders across Elim Global, and in trying to explain it, I paint a picture in people’s minds of a worldwide Elim table where the UK brings leadership, vision, covering and training. But around the table are leaders and churches from every sphere, bringing something unique and making Elim better for it – the passion of the Central and Southern Americans, the faith of the Africans, the strength of community in the many nations of Asia.

We are privileged to have the suffering Church, the Church of outstanding signs and wonders, and the Church that knows how to overcome the principalities and powers of darkness with much prayer and fasting.

The Missionary Family Elim has 76 missionaries

They have great pastoral care through monthly Skype hubs, daily contact on WhatsApp groups, Facebook and Messenger etc. They are a close-knit group which has benefited hugely from their first conference in ten years in May 2017.

Global Conferences: These have been one of the major reasons for the success of the development of Elim globally.

Training Advancement: Along with establishing the Missions Academy, we have developed training modules around the world.

A prophetic message for Elim about the Movement’s missionary work

On 17 May 2016, Alan Scott, the founder of Causeway Coast Vineyard Church, Northern Ireland and a guest speaker at the Elim Leadership Summit in Harrogate, gave a prophetic message:

“Elim you have excelled as a Movement in mission, and God is going to even increase in a larger missionary capacity in the days ahead and God is going to give you nations where you have not yet planted or sown.”

You are going to begin to capitalise even more missionaries and the days are coming when you are going to send more missionaries in the days ahead than you have sent in the days behind you. You are going to be again a catalytic mission-sending- into-the-nations movement and the Lord has given that upon you but at the same time as that begins to accelerate among you the Father is also going to birth compassion at the core of local churches because the ground roots of your movement is among the poor, among the broken in the cities that people forgot.”

“This is the soil for which your movement flourished and God is beginning already… it’s already breaking out among you but the Father is birthing compassion in many of your churches in a fresh way, in a new way. These two are going to, I believe, flow together in your movement – mission for things abroad and compassion at home where the Father’s love is revealed.”

“I believe where you find favour in mission, you are going to begin to see fullness in compassion.”


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