April Rwanda Update 

It’s time for the April news update. Firstly I want to start by saying a big thank you to you all for your prayers and financial support towards water tanks for churches. This has been such a blessing for the local church pastors who are understandably concerned for the future of their churches. Thanks to your support we have been able to supply 6 water tanks to different churches. Many of the churches are now being reopened or are being given more time to complete the government requirements.


One of our youth members from the city centre church called Julius came to us this week with a request. He runs a small business designing and printing but his computer had crashed completely meaning his income had dried up. He is a total orphan and has no other support. We put a message on Facebook asking if anyone had a laptop they were no longer using and someone came forward with one! My cousin was visiting us and so was able to bring it out with him. We were so thankful to be able to help Julius and he was so thrilled to receive the laptop. His business is now back up and running.


Last week we completed the Freedom in Christ course at Cyabatanzi church. This church youth group has now completed both Youth Alpha and Freedom in Christ. We finished with giving certificates, gifts and sharing food together. We’ve had a great time teaching this group and we are praying that they continue strong in their faith.


This month we also started a new Youth Alpha course with a church in Kamonyi. This is off to a strong start and is one of the largest groups of youth we have ever taught. There are 75 young people who are taking part, keen to expand their knowledge of the foundations of the Christian faith.


One of my favorite parts of being a missionary here is the chance to visit different churches in different parts of the country to preach on Sundays. I love to be able to bring encouragement from the word of God to these rural church communities. This month I’ve visited Kamonyi church and Gihogwe church.


ap-7This week we are looking forward to returning to the UK for 2 and ½ weeks. We will be celebrating Ezekiel’s first birthday (!!) and also attending the wedding of a close friend. Please pray that this will be a restful time for us.





  • That the rain season would end! There are many houses being destroyed and over 100 recorded deaths due to the heavy rain. Houses are falling down due to landslides and many of our close friends and workers have been affected.
  • For the closed churches that they would be able to open again.
  • For Joanna's home visits.


If you would like to give towards the purchase of a water tank you can use the link below to give by card. Please reference ''Water tank"

God bless you all
James, Joanna & Ezekiel

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