March Rwanda Update 

Hi! Here is the March news update from us in Rwanda...


This month we held our first 6-a-side football tournament in Cyabatanzi village. It was a great day for the whole community. We had 72 players registered plus many spectators who came along as well. All quarter finalists received a huge bar of soap, semi finalists had soap and body lotion and finalists had soap, body lotion and a live chicken! We also bought 500 bread fingers, 500 African donuts, 500 bananas and 500 packs of biscuits for lunch. The government leader of the sector was in attendance and gave a great speech to the youth. It was great to be able to share the gospel one-to-one with many of the players and spectators and to raise the profile of the local church.


This week we had the opportunity to go and visit Kamonyi church, which is a 40 min drive from the city. 50 youth from the church came for a special youth service where we worshipped together and I preached. I was also able to introduce the Youth Alpha course that we will be taking to this church weekly. I was able to give each youth member a Bible which they were incredibly excited about. We are really excited about the future at this church.


Joanna & Ezekiel have started to do home visits to encourage and pray with young mothers. This has been a great blessing not only to the mothers but also to Joanna. Keep praying that she will be able to continue to minister to more people in this way. 


Now for a big prayer request. The Rwandan government is closing 1000s of churches due to them not meeting building regulations. Of the 190 churches in our network around 150 have been closed. This includes some of the churches we were working with on a regular basis. This is a tough time for the local churches. We have been able to support 4 of the churches we work with by buying them water tanks to collect the rain from the roof. This is one of the requirements set out by the government. We would ask that you would prayerfully consider giving towards the purchase of a water tank. They cost £350 for a 5000-litre tank, which is simply unachievable for the churches. If the government see that they have water tanks and are trying to meet the requirements it can be huge boost in them staying open.

As a result of the closure of the city-centre church we are now meeting the youth at our home as we continue our discipleship-training course with them. This has been amazing as it has brought a closer relationship between the group given the more relaxed nature of meeting in a home.

Finally we also celebrated the wedding of a really close friend called Cleny. Joanna used to teach her when Cleny was only 18. It has been incredible to see her grow over the years and now to enter into a new season of her life. The wedding has been taking place over three days and now today is the final day!

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Prayer Points

  • For the closed churches that they would be able to open again.
  • For Joanna's home visits.

God bless you all
James, Joanna & Ezekiel

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