March 2018 Report:

We are so thankful for all the churches and individuals who gave over the Christmas season to Elim Missions’ Global Christmas Party 2017! We were thrilled to be able to fund 14 parties across 8 countries, seeing over 700 children given a gift, playing games and reached with the Gospel.


We held parties in:


It was the job of our missionaries and partners to see that these parties happened. They worked hard to organise gifts, games and a meal for each child. These parties were only possible because of the way they serve their communities and the connections that had already been established.


We have loved receiving the wonderful stories from our missionaries and partners of their parties and the joy that seems to have surrounded them over the Christmas season.

In Estonia, EKNK, Elim Global Partners, were able to hold a number of children’s parties in different churches around Estonia. There were opportunities to share the wonderful story and life changing news of Jesus’ birth as well as sharing God’s love in a practical way by providing a meal and Christmas gifts to each child they met.

Not only were children impacted by your giving but some of the parents of those children who came along also heard the Gospel for the first time.


Oscar and Rachel Mendoza, Elim Missionaries in Guatemala, held their Christmas party at the Lighthouse.


“It was just all about relationship this year, we know them, they know us. It was such a joy to see them all have such fun - even the older, cooler teenagers, were skipping around the musical chairs and giggling away!”

balloonsTerry and Judi Mott, Elim missionaries in Kenya, held a party for 120 children at Hope and Kindness in Kenya. They explain, “The last eighteen months saw droughts leading to failed harvests and serious rises in food prices which meant many of our school children were going home from school ‘just to sleep’... in other words, with nothing else to eat until they came back to school the next day.”

“Thanks to the donations made to the Christmas Party funds, our children (whose usual diet at home consists of green vegetables and ugali -maize flour mixed with water) were able to enjoy chapattis and beans, water melons and pineapples, cakes, soda and balloons! We believe that by the end of the week they knew that God not only sent His Son to save them but also to be WITH them and to help them know their heavenly Father’s love and care for their lives right here, right now!”

In most cases, large teams of people came together to put on the events, some parents got involved in cooking, school teachers joined in the fun, church teams and even young people got stuck in to see that everything ran smoothly.


Sheryl and Novi Maatitawaer, Missionaries in Indonesia, held two parties, one of which was at a very rural village for around 50 children!


James and Joanna, Missionaries in Rwanda, put on a party for 120 children and young people! There were squeals of delight when they received their individual Christmas gifts.


In Ukraine the team seemed to have a great time entertaining, feeding and teaching the 83 children who attended the party in Zhytomyr, Ukraine. Viktor Karplyuk, Pastor at The Lord’s Transfiguration of Christians of Evangelical Faith Church, an Elim Global Partner, explained, “Our team of five people prepared a great, interesting, entertaining program for children. We included Christmas carols, exciting contests, games, as well as a short Christmas video. Also, many of the children received various prizes for participating in games.”


Our partners in Pakistan organised two parties, one at the Brick Factory, Kasur and and one in Dand Pur Village, Sialkot.


150 children and young people joined the Fenner’s, Elim Missionaries, for their Christmas Party in South Africa. There were powder paint fights, balloon games, songs and food, as well as a wonderful Christmas message lead by Robin and Janet.


Many children have been reached because of your giving and the hard work of our missionaries and partners through this Christmas Appeal. We ask for your continued prayer support for every child connected to us; that they may truly know the joy Christ brings, that they know they are loved by God and that they may come to know Him personally.

Paul Hudson, International Missions Director, sends his thanks,

“Pictures and words are often inadequate to describe the atmosphere of joy and love in a place when some of the most forgotten of children are blessed with a party. Every child in the world deserves to go to a party. Again, we made this happen at Christmas. Through a variety of ways, you have generously given to make Elim children smile, laugh and dance all around the world.

We, with the missionaries on the ground, were able to deliver a party to remember and at the same time tell children that Jesus was born for them! ‘Thank you’ isn’t enough but we pray that God will bless your year and give back more than you gave. May you know that every small thing you do is a huge blessing to those who do not have.

Please put in your diary a reminder to get people involved in this year’s Global Christmas Party and, together, let us bring happiness and the gospel to so many.”


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