Jackie Griffiths: News from Malawi March 2018


Picture2This past week has been an exciting week in the history of Elim Malawi.  Firstly we welcomed Roy Johnston (Irish Missions Director) and Peter Hannam (retired Elim Minister) who gave seminars to the Regional Overseers and their deputies.  This teaching was well received and will be helpful in the leading of their churches.  Peter has worked very hard in introducing a course called ‘The Abundant Life’ which has been translated into Chichewa and printed and given out with the aim of this being taught to every Elim pastor within the regions.  It is the case that many of the pastors have had very little training so this course will be an invaluable tool for them and in turn be used to teach in the local churches. 

Picture3One afternoon we went to visit the Regional Overseer of the Blantyre region who has been sick for some time.  It turned out to be an interesting journey as soon as we turned off the tarmac road.  It had rained quite heavily resulting in the dirt road becoming very muddy.  I was watching Roy in the car in front of me ‘dancing on mud’.  It was quite a struggle to keep control of the car even with the 4 x 4 on.  We eventually decided not to go further and the pastors walked the rest of the journey.  On the return journey I suddenly noticed Roy was no longer behind me so the pastors in my car went to investigate and discovered him stuck in a ditch!  With the help of local children and the pastors he was soon pulled out and we eventually made it back to the tarmac road.  

Picture4Last Saturday Paul Hudson (International Missions Director) flew in for the farewell of Pastor Andiseni who retired as General Superintendent after serving in that role for the past 25 years, and the induction of Pastor Saezi who will succeed him.  A large hall in Blantyre was hired and it was a great time of celebration.  It is good to see an air of expectancy and excitement for what the future will hold for Elim Malawi.  This is a new day and I count it a privilege to be part of the work at this time.  

Picture5Discussions took place to consider my role.   There are a few specifics to focus on which will involve overseeing the ministry to orphans.  Currently we have eight children’s homes in the various regions spread out across Malawi, caring for 44 children.  So I will be visiting these regions and possibly staying for a few weeks at a time in order to build relationships.  I will also be seeking to gain sponsorship for each child, so if you are interested in sponsoring a child, please do get in touch! 

There is no children’s or youth ministry to speak of so it is the aim to address this issue by training and developing children’s and youth leaders across the regions.  Also, whilst I’m in the various regions, time will be given to encourage and strengthen the women’s ministry and also to seek a way to train the pastors and preach in various churches. 

Picture6As you can see, life is going to get very busy!  

I am coming home for two months in April to attend the annual Elim Leadership Summit in Harrogate and also to celebrate my Mum’s 80th birthday in May.  So I hope that I will get to see many of you then.  The time from now until I come home will largely be spent planning and preparing and visiting some of the children’s homes, so that when I return in June I will hit the road running!

As always, I am grateful for your ongoing support and for your partnership in the ministry here in Malawi.  

With love,
Jackie x

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