Fenner Newsletter - February 2018


How time flies. On the 27th January 2018 we entered into our fourth year of missionary service here in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

We cannot put into words the journey, how God has surprised us with some beautifully outstanding moments.

We are blessed to have overcome challenges, cried tears with those with unbearable needs, seen the Spirit move through us, the churches that have been planted growing strongly, the Bible Schools meeting more than we ever expected.

We are overwhelmingly grateful for this call God has placed on our lives – which He has followed through with faithfulness, leading us into being stronger, exploding vision into our work, reviving us personally and igniting passion into our lives. For all who continually hold us up from all over the world, we are so humbled.


Emmanuel Assemblies 40 th Anniversary Celebration

On the 16 th December 2017 we were overjoyed to celebrate and give thanksgiving for the forty years since the birth of Emmanuel Assemblies at the Conference Centre at Maveljan.

We were very touched and inspired by the slot in the program which honoured the Elim missionaries that have walked before us over the years with this beautiful Church group. This tribute was presented by Tony Leavesley, a retired Elim missionary.

I spoke about the partnership Elim UK has with Emmanuel and read out a letter of support from Rev Paul Hudson, the Director of Elim Missions UK. It was an awesome day of joy, love and legacy to what God has done and is doing through His church.

It was also very special to host Tony and Beryl Leavesley in our home for a few days.

Bible Schools


The Bible Schools reopened after the Christmas break on the 20th January.

The second year students at Gutshwa and Hazyview are near completion, with only eight of the 35 units left to complete. It is inspiring to see how Pastors attending have developed in their ministry in their consecutive churches, and the impact it has had on them personally.

We give thanks for the vision of strengthening leaders.


Leadership Training Program – Mozambique

FennerFeb187It is a joy to begin working alongside the Mozambique churches by strengthening their leadership. This will take the form of a Leadership Training Program, using the existing resources from our Bible School modules.

The program will run for a period of two years, with the first session taking place on the 10th March 2018.

The Leadership Training Program will also incorporate the churches in the Eastern District of South Africa, whom we work closely with.

We are excited to see how the vision of church strengthening is unfolding strongly.

Community Outreach

FennerFeb188We continue to reach out to those in the communities with food parcels and sanitation/ hygiene aid.

One of the new families we reach out to is made up of a young woman Prudence Nkosi where her parents have passed away and she cares for her siblings and her elderly grandparents. We thank God we are able to bless this family with a two weekly food parcel to alleviate the threat of hunger in their home.

Verulam project

We are thankful for the provision of funding for the building of a church and community centre in Verulam, a settlement a few kilometres outside Barberton. The community centre will function as pre school for children who are currently being housed in a wooden building that was collapsing.

The Centre will also have a full functioning kitchen and community meeting room, where the lives of around forty families will be impacted by the supply of nourishing meals. Many of the individuals benefiting from the food project have severe illness and disabilities, and are physically weak. A team of carers has been raised up to takefood to the homes of those who are unable to get to the food community centre. They are in an area of severe poverty, plagued by hunger.

We will be taking church to their homes, a time of worship, a short gospel message, communion and prayer.

While we wait for the legal requirements to be met for the land purchased, which takes time, we have strengthened the existing wooden structure so the children can be safe.

If you want to donate to this project, please mark your donation “Fenners Verulam”

Furlough to the UK 2018

FennerFeb1814We will be home in the UK on furlough from the 10th April to the 23rd May. We look forward to itinerating in numerous churches and fellowshipping with our supporters and friends. We are excited to be spending time with our children and grandchildren in the UK.

Furlough requires extra funding as Kyla remains in South Africa while we are away. This means a double budget for the time we are away. If you feel led to help in this way, donations can be sent to Elim Missions clearly marked as “Fenners Furlough” or via the web link at the end of the newsletter.

Church Visits

Since the beginning of the year we have had the privilege to minister at the Emmanuel Churches in Steenbok, Ngwenyeni, Graskop, Verulam, Gutshwa and Matsulu. We have seen many people come to salvation and lives changed by the move of the Spirit.


UK Visitors -February 2018

It was a great joy to host Linda Murray, an Elim Missions member of staff, and Evelyn Houiellebecq who spent a few days with us in Barberton. We visited the project in Verulam, and the water and crop project in Ngwenyeni. We appreciated the encouragement from our visitors greatly, and the wonderful fellowship we had together.


Vision 2018/ Prayer Needs

Your prayers will be greatly valued on the following points:

  • The plant of a new Bible School at Verulam, where eleven students have already indicated their intent to register.
  • The Leadership Training Program for the Mozambique and Eastern Districts commencing the 10th March.
  • For the 47 second year Bible School students as they approach the end of their modules.
  • The registration of new first year students at Hazyview and Gutshwa Bible Schools on the 17th March.
  • The community and pre school project at Verulam. For the provision of funding to support this project.
  • The National Leadership Seminar on the 24th February.
  • For us as we travel long distances to minister.
  • For provision and planning for our furlough commencing in April 2018.

We thank you for your continued prayers and for the continued monthly financial support. If you want to support us please use the link below.

Robin. Jenet and Kyla Fenner

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