Paul Hudson

We are privileged to serve the only true God of the nations

Vision 20/20 gives a fresh impetus to move forward and has fuelled the vision to go into new nations. Director of Mission Paul Hudson explains.

We live in exciting days of seeing Elim expand rapidly across the world. In 2017 Elim spread into 11 new nations, making the total 53.

There are 68 national leaders within those 53 nations who lead anything from one church to several hundred churches. Our total Elim adult membership outside the UK is over 300,000 people, who gather every weekend either under trees or in large buildings to worship the God of the nations.

Around the Elim Global table are leaders and churches from every sphere, bringing something unique and making Elim better for it: the passion of the Central and Southern Americans, the faith of the Africans, the strength of community in the many nations of Asia.

We are privileged to have the suffering Church, the Church of outstanding signs and wonders and the Church who know how to overcome the principalities and powers with much prayer and fasting. They are all there, together, under the name Elim, serving the only true God of the nations.

Moving forward

One of the great missionaries, the Apostle Paul said, “You know that I have not hesitated to preach…” Acts 20:20. The Elim Global Movement has to advance with no hesitation, remembering that the enemy has always been overcome with ‘the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.’ Revelation 12:11

Hesitation happens when we think of ourselves or of others who love us more than Jesus.

Hesitation happens when we think of what we might lose. But if we have given up everything for Christ, if we have laid down our life, then we don’t have a life to lose.

Hesitation holds the cause lightly. But when the cause of Christ is all and everything then hesitation cannot breathe. David Brainerd, an American missionary to the Delaware Indians of New Jersey, North America, did not live very long, dying aged 29.

But today his words speak loudly, inspiring us to keep going, to do what Jesus called us to do: “Consumed with passion for the pagan Indians, I cared not when or how I lived or what hardships I endured so that I could gain souls for Christ. While I was asleep I dreamt of such things and when I awakened the first thing I thought of was winning souls to Christ.”

Our Lord did not hesitate, he ‘resolutely set out for Jerusalem.’ Luke 9:51

The opportunity to utilise your life, to offer your talents, to give love, to breathe out joy, to go into all the world is NOW.

There are millions of people who are very close to God but might as well be millions of miles away because they reject Jesus Christ, the Son of God. These millions are nice people, they are ignorant, they are deceived and they are blind.

Once enlightened, oh how thankful they are! I have seen it, and it is convincing and it destroys any hesitation! We have to go and we have to send; we have to pray and we have to give.

The day is short, the hour is late and people’s lives are being wasted, our enemy is deceiving, hurting and killing people’s destiny. A lost eternity is real.

No one knows who actually said this but here is the truth: How can we hesitate? How can we turn back? How can we not go? How can we think of ourselves more than the gospel? There must be no hesitation either to pray, to give or to go. No hesitation because this is Vision 2020.

God speaks to Elim

On Tuesday 17 May 2016, Alan Scott the founder of the Causeway Coast Vineyard Church, Northern Ireland, and a guest speaker at the Elim Leadership Summit in Harrogate gave this prophetic message:

“Elim, you have excelled as a Movement in mission and God is going to even increase in a larger missionary capacity in the days ahead and God is going to give you nations where you have not yet planted or sown. You are going to begin to capitalise even more missionaries and the days are coming when you are going to send more missionaries in the days ahead than you have sent in the days behind you.

“You are going to be again a catalytic mission-sending-into-the- nations Movement and the Lord has given that upon you, but at the same time as that begins to accelerate among you the Father is also going to birth compassion at the core of local churches because the ground roots of your Movement is among the poor, among the broken in the cities that people forgot. This is the soil for which your Movement flourished.”

So what do the next three years hold for Elim globally?

We are in unprecedented times. Never before have we seen Elim around the world make such a determined push into new cultures and nations. We are going to do all we can to reach every nation with the gospel and establish churches through disciple-making until Christ returns. The continent that needs prayerful attention and focus is Europe – and Elim will push into as many of those nations as possible.

What part can Elim UK play?

  • Young people can join the Missionary Apprenticeship Programme and become a disciple of missions.
  • Short-term teams can travel into any of the 53 nations to have a missions experience and be a blessing.
  • Elim members can join the existing 1,000 people who give £1 a week in the Pound by Pound scheme and who receive mission news and stories every 6-8 weeks or continue to give through the amazing mission globes.
  • Those interested in a life of missions can join the Missionary Academy that starts every September until the end of May with a distance-learning community that culminates in a residential week. This is the entrance into long-term missions work with Elim Global.
  • Churches can create mission teams that will keep the local congregation informed of the Elim world for prayer, awareness and for fundraising, holding mission nights and events with a desire to call people to go into all the world through prayer, giving and going.
  • This year, to mark the 40th anniversary of the Vumba massacre, Mission Nights will be held around the UK specifically calling people to missions. The nights will include a special play written by Richard Hasnip, worship and a call to action.



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