Published on: 13/02/2018

Letter from Lithuania

Dear friends,
As you know I was in Lithuania last October/ November 2017. God has done amazing things through my mission trip. The people of that place saw the dynamic action of the Holy Spirit, and people were touched, changed and longing to gather together as a new fellowship.

I left Lithuania at the end of November 2017 and they have started a cell group during the week, and every Sunday they gather together, have fellowship and prayers. This is the First Fruits of the work. The two cities of Klaipeda and Vilnius (the Capital) are very open for us and our ministry.

We are going to Lithuania from January 11 to January 16, 2018, and will be travelling with our friend Steven Kennedy (from River Church) to serve again our brothers and sisters in Lithuania. How God leads us by His Holy Spirit is our privilege to be servants of our God and be sent.

Please pray for:

  • Our mission trip from 11 to 16 of January to both cities (Klaipeda and Vilnius)
  • All Christians who will come for the conference. May this gathering and fellowship bring fulfilment of the Holy Spirit, may God use us as His instrument in HIS hands, may the people be open for leading of Holy Spirit, may the rain of Holy Spirit come down and people be changed.
  • that a new Godly church will be established in these two cities.

Please pray as well: For all the guest leaders who will come to the UK from Lithuania from 20 to 23 of January 2018. Please pray for us as we take responsibility for the event and come alongside our brothers and sisters. Please pray that these leaders will be powerfully impacted here in London and in Malvern (Elim HQ) when we visit. Please pray as well for all the people who will be involved and all our helpers and supporters. May God build strong Godly relationships between us and them.

As a family, we are very appreciative for all the financial support and prayers surrounding us. Particular thanks to River Christian Centre for the donation to the work, and those who supported the Sierra Leone concert on December 2.

May God bless you all,

Monika and Pawel Kuzniar

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