News from Guatemala - January 2018

Rachel & Oscar Mendoza

A New Year

Things are in full swing again here at the Light House, and the new year has brought a lot of new things. Firstly we have to say a big thank you to all at City Church St. Albans (and especially City Kids) for all the fundraising they did last year. We have been able to buy lots of new things for the Light House which the kids have been very excited about; the main things being a stove and kitchen equipment, a basketball hoop and football & hockey tables. We also have 3 new children attending the Light House club and 6 new members of our English class! We’re excited to see all that the new year will bring...


New Ideas

This month we have started running ‘Bible Time’ with the kids at Light House club. We hope this will be a time of teaching, but also a time when they learn to hear God’s voice for themselves. This week we will be learning about John 3:16, which basically sums up the whole gospel! Please pray that these children will really have an encounter with God, that His Holy Spirit will speak powerfully to their hearts and that seeds of His love would be planted that will last a lifetime. We would also ask you to pray for our new venture this year. In February we are planning to launch a Youth Club. This has been sparked by the fact that when they hit 13, some of the kids start studying in the afternoons. We don’t want to lose the connection we have with them because of this, so on Friday nights we will start a group for 13-15 year olds. Please pray, as this is something completely new to both of us! Also pray for continued relationship building with the now-teenagers we already know and good connections with the new ones that come along.


Residency Application

A big thank you to all of you who have been praying for our residency application. We have some good news, Rachel’s residency has been approved! We had to organise one final document for Oscar’s - which we have now submitted and we are just waiting to hear back on. Once his comes through, we go for an interview, after which we receive our residency! Please do continue to pray as there are still a few more steps to go. But we are so grateful to God, and have really seen his hand and his favour over this. We were told to expect to wait at least a year, but it has only been 5 months! Thank you so much for standing with us on this.

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