The McKillop's Newsletter: Nov 2017 - Jan 2018

Youth Camps in December???

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When December comes around in Africa, the rains set in, ground becomes 'splodgy', and it seems that our clothes and feet are never dry. Soft mud clogs the motor bike tyres as one drives around and splashed clothes are ready for washing multiple times daily. December is the traditional time to get caught up on administration, accounts and getting around to sending out 'thank you' letters to those who support and pray for the work so faithfully. This year we had requests from Youth Groups to hold Camps and Youth Meetings! So much for Christmas holidays! The rains kept away for most of the outdoor activities. Discussion groups were held twice daily where all manner of contemporary issues were brought up and Scripture brought to bear on the problems facing youth in Zambia today. A subject looked at was suicide, rarely even heard of twenty years ago but commonplace today in Africa. When the groups were indoors, the microphones were louder than the rains on the metal roofing. When Christmas Eve came they wanted to stay an extra few days but the local church here already had plans for our own children
to participate in meetings, so it was not possible to extend. The times we spent together in meetings were very special and the Lord impacted many young lives in a significant way.

Christmas Day at Nyangombe

mckillops-jan18-3The children sang and many recited their memory verses until adults yawned, every parent was pleased to see their own child take part. Some have a tremendous gift for committing Scripture to memory which is a part of their oral tradition. When they sang they quite naturally swayed to an African rhythm which courses through their veins. It was a fun time for all and after a short message, some games were held for the adults before a meal was served to the entire congregation.

More Youth Meetings!!

mckillops-jan18-4On New Year?s Eve, we learned that the young people at Nyangombe had been working in fields to raise money to put on a barbecue for their parents. They had raised about £50.oo over the previous two months which is a sizeable sum of money for rural Zambia. With this they bought some chickens and cold drinks. Parents who have so many children to provide for were visibly touched by this very caring gesture. Parents were asked to say a few words if they wished, to encourage their teenagers in the Lord by giving advice. 'Uncle Les' brought a short word of encouragement for them and about 22:30 the 'oldies' drifted off. Music and singing went on until time to 'see in' the New Year. It is such a joy to be part of what the Lord is doing in the lives of this younger generation and we pray that with all of the teaching and counsel given during the past twelve weeks that they will stand firm in the face of temptation when they return to schools and colleges and be the people the Lord wants them to be as salt and light in a dark world.

Keeping the wheels turning

mckillops-jan18-5In a large complex like Nyangombe, many are involved in the different departments just keeping the 'wheels turning' so that when groups arrive for teaching everything is well
prepared and ready for use. Training in all basic skills are provided for free at Nyangombe and when trainees pass the initial six months of their training period they become 'productive' on behalf of Nyangombe in general. In this way the trainees begin to put something back into Nyangombe. Some go for further training to Colleges where they sit UK City and Guilds Certificates. It has been such a blessing to see most of our trainees in the mechanical / fabrication workshops become the top students in their college. The
father of Peter was so thrilled that one of his children may someday earn a wage that he thanked the leaders at Nyangombe, tears flowing down his face for this opportunity
of a lifetime. Pray for all of these 'boys' who have had teaching and pastoral care for at least two years that this input will never be lost and that their faith will be strong wherever they go.

The 'theme' for the past twelve weeks has been 'young people'. The Lord has done great things in many lives and we long to see their faith grow and mature. Please pray for them.

Gordon & Sybil

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