McMillan's Prayer News - December 2017

Ian & Hilda McMillan

2017 has been dominated for us by the complications arising from Hilda's cataract operation in January and the retina detachment last year. This has resulted in us being away from Kenya a lot more than we would have wished, but we are learning to trust more completely in God's good plans for us and in his timetable.

We can now say that Hilda's eye has improved very much and she does not need to go back to be seen by the specialist until mid March, so we are very thankful to God for his healing. However we delayed going back to Kenya because our son David has been off work and diagnosed with anxiety and depression. We have now felt it right that Hilda goes to Kenya for the next 3 months but that Ian stays here for a few more weeks to spend time with David and see how he is getting on. Hopefully he will continue to improve and Ian will join Hilda sometime in January.

So we booked flights last minute and Hilda is now back in Kosele. Apologies if we haven't let friends and family know of our change in plans. This is the first time Hilda has travelled to Africa by herself and the first time we have been apart for so long, although Ian had a very happy 3-week trip to Kenya by himself in September. Hilda has been really looking forward to be with the children, staff and church members in Kosele again.

She has arrived during the long school holidays and there are only a few children still in the Home just now. But this week there is a holiday club for the Standard 1, 2 and 3 children (ages approximately 6-10) This is a great opportunity for the children to have a fun time and to hear the real message of Christmas. They will also be receiving some good food during the week with a special meal on Friday (with thanks to Elim Missions for helping with the funding for it). Please pray that the week will go well – that the children and everybody involved will be blessed and that God will be glorified.

We had asked for prayer for our former pupil Effie – a young lady who is very much part of the Hope and Kindness family – in her application to study nursing at Tenwek Mission Hospital. We were delighted to hear that she has been accepted for a place and will start there in March. She has been a great example and encouragement to our young people and we will really miss her when she goes.

Sadly, our friend and much-loved member of staff, Benson, died recently after a battle with cancer. His funeral will be on 14th December and will obviously be a very sad event for everybody involved but especially for his family – his wife Susan, and his children, Arjan, Robert and Saline. Please pray that God will give all of them the peace that only He can give as well as the strength and courage to face the funeral and life after it. Benson's passing will be sorely felt by relatives, colleagues and pupils alike.

prayer letter Dec 2017 image 1In the church, we are looking forward to a very special day on Saturday 9th December as our pastor, Dorine, is to be formally ordained as a pastor of Elim Gospel Church Kenya. Ten national church leaders and wives are travelling to Kosele from other parts of Kenya (and even Uganda) for the weekend – our Visitors' Centre will be well used! We pray this will be a very significant day for Dorine and her family and for the whole church.

After this weekend, we expect things will be quiet until Christmas, so there will be chances for Hilda to spend some special time with the children and staff who are around and catch up with what's been happening. We pray that she will be a blessing to them.

prayer-letter-Dec-2017-image-2The harvest in the Kosele area this season has been affected by drought and pests, and many of our neighbours and church members are already struggling. Hope and Kindness and the church have already helped many people with food assistance but things may get worse before they get better. We are praying for wisdom for all involved in decisions as to how best to help our community in a sustainable way.

We are also praying for calm and peace in Kenya. Following a disputed repeat election and chaos around the inauguration of the President, there is still the potential for more violence and disruption. Terry and Judi are back in the UK just now, as Judi needed a health check up. She is being seen quickly and be believe that all will be well.

Prayer Points

  • for Dorine's ordination on Saturday and for all who are travelling to attend it
  • for all of us who are mourning Benson, especially during his funeral on 14th
  • for Terry and Judi, that Judi's treatment will be completed promptly, that they will both be in good health and be able to return to Kenya very soon

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