A Call To Mission

Remembering the Elim Missionaries who surrendered all, inspiring our movement with a future of Global Mission.

In collaboration with Elim Sound and Richard Hasnip, Elim Missions present ‘A Call to Mission’; a call to action through an evening of worship, preaching and drama, to see the Church surrender to our Saviour’s call to ‘go to all the world.’

Tour Dates

6 May 6:30pm - Cardiff City Church
20 May 6:30pm - Birmingham City Church
3 June 6:30pm - Ealing Christian Centre
24 June 6:30pm - Huddersfield Elim
9 September 6:30pm - Glasgow Elim Church
23 September 6:30pm - St Helen's
20 October 7:30pm - CullyBackey Elim Church
21 October 11am - Portadown Elim
11 November 6:30pm - Rediscover Church, Exeter
18th November - 6.30pm - Life Church Chelmsford

Paul Hudson

Paul is the Elim International Missions Director and has oversight over the Elim Missions office, our missionaries and Elim Global.  As well as visiting a number of churches in the UK to share the vision of Elim Missions and to build up support, Paul regularly visits our missionaries, partners and Elim Global Leaders across the world to encourage, teach and resource them.  Paul's heart is for the Gospel to be known in every country around the world and feels Elim has a huge part to play in seeing this come to fruition. 

Elim Sound

Elim Sound have a rich heritage that spans almost an entire century and are the product of the collective skill and passion of members of a new generation currently emerging within the UK’s Elim Pentecostal Churches.

Bringing together a community of worship leaders, pastors and creatives from the Elim movement and beyond, Elim Sound are committed to inspiring, encouraging and equipping the church in worship.

Richard Hasnip

Richard has written and devised a performance for the evening. Richard is currently the Performing Arts Track Leader at Regents Theological College. As one of the leading Christian drama practitioners in the country, Richard has worked for Saltmine and Riding Lights theatre companies; and as an actor, writer and director is committed to communicating Christ through theatre and performance. His qualifications include an MA in English Literature and Language at St Andrews, and an MA in Shakespeare and Theatre at The Shakespeare Institute at the University of Birmingham. In 2016 he received The Tom Matheson Award for outstanding scholarly work in the field of Theatre and Creativity. His research interests include Shakespearean performance and the intersection between theatre and spirituality, and he is a founder member of Regents based Attic Ladder Theatre Company.

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