McMillan's Prayer News - September 2017

Ian & Hilda McMillan

We have been back in Paisley since 6th July and have enjoyed some summer weather and spending time with family and friends. Our daughter-in-law Sarah spent some time in hospital in August and we were glad to be around then to give some support to Thomas and Sam. We're just back from a few days in beautiful Perthshire.

While we were still in Kosele we were encouraged by what God was doing in the church. We were involved in a second “Encounter” in June, this time for youth; ten young people completed the 2-day programme and they all testified of how they had been helped by it. Some of them were among the 31 people who were baptised as believers – in a muddy river – on 1st July. We've also been blessed by the worship in the church, particularly when the adults and youth come together. Our pastor, Dorine, is encouraged by signs of people growing in faith, and by the local house groups where members come together in their local areas to share each week.

prayer letter Sept 2017Since we left, there have been some sad events in Kosele. Two young children, one in our nursery class and one the daughter of a church member, died from malaria. Just recently, 12-year-old Roseline, the youngest child of our dorm mother Helen, died after a period of illness. She needed heart valves replaced but became too weak to withstand the strain on her heart. Roseline was in Standard 6 in our Primary School and we knew her quite well. Her mum and her brother and sister have been devastated by their loss.

We were hoping to return to Kosele this month but Hilda has had a recurrence of the problem of swelling in her right eye – the one that had surgery for retina detachment and cataract removal. The risk associated with the steroid treatment increases over time and we feel Hilda should remain in the UK until this problem is resolved. She is to be seen by the specialist in Glasgow again on 2nd November and we are trusting God that both her eyes will be completely well.

prayer-letter-Sept-2017-2Meanwhile we've agreed that Ian will make a short visit to Kenya by himself from 13th September to 4th October. He hopes to encourage everyone there by his visit and be of some help to Terry and Judi who returned to Kosele in late August. This will be the first time Ian has travelled to Africa himself – and the first time we have been apart for so long – so we would value your prayers.

Prayer Points

  • For complete healing for Hilda's eyes
  • For Ian's trip to Kosele from 13th September to 4th October
  • For peace in Kenya as the country prepares for a re-run of the disputed presidential election – this is due to be held on 17th October
  • For our primary school teacher Benson who is now starting chemotherapy treatment for cancer
  • For our school children who are preparing for their end-of-year exams in November
  • For Dorine and the church leaders and members
  • For Collins and his helpers leading Christian Union groups in the schools and youth work in the church, that they will see real growth in discipleship amongst our young people
  • For Ishmael as he leads the extension of Farming God's Way in the community
  • For Millie in her work with school children's families – many are so needy and dysfunctional
  • That Effie will be offered a place at Tenwek School of Nursing

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