News from Guatemala - September 2017

Rachel & Oscar Mendoza

Here in Guatemala we are winding down to the end of the school year - and as is true the world over, finishing school makes kids crazy! But, we have been having a lot of fun and lots has been happening. Here’s a short update on all that is going on with us…

End of a Season

Newsletter Sep 17-2 We had been so blessed to have our volunteer and friend Robyn with us for 6 months. Sadly, this month she returned home to England. She had been such an encouragement to us personally, and has particularly helped us to grow in focused intercession for the ministry which she led us in throughout her time here. During English class she also shared stories from her life about how God had moved and spoken to her, which elicited some great questions from the kids. These are both things that we are continuing on with even now that she has left, and we are so grateful for all she poured into the Light House and into us! We will miss her! This is actually the first time since the launch of the Light House that Oscar and I are running it without support or help from volunteers. We would appreciate your prayers for this time!


Newsletter Sep 17-5On our return to Guatemala we found a few problems at the Light House - as the rainy During one of our intercession times, we prayed specifically for promises from the Bible for the kids. We then wrote these up (and covered them in glitter of course!) During Light House club, some of the girls chose to do this activity where they created their own rainbows. They then chose a promise particularly for them, to place under their rainbow and take home. It meant a lot for us, and we trust that it will be significant for them too.

Moving Day!

Newsletter Sep 17-6 The kids have been earning reward points for good behaviour, and this month was time to receive their reward! We turned the Light House into a mini-cinema for the day and had popcorn, soda and cake - there were lots of giggles and it was great to see them enjoy themselves so much. They had been counting down the days!

Residency Application

We want to say thank you to all those who have been praying for our residency application. We finally were able to submit our papers! It was such a relief, as it took a lot of work to get all the documents in order, with all the correct stamps from all the right organisations. Now we wait, we have been told that the process can take up to a year and that we will probably need to visit immigration regularly to chase the papers - but it is good to know that we no longer need to worry about visa renewal or leaving the country. Please continue to pray for the residency application, that it will come through smoothly and more quickly than we imagine. Thank you.

Child Sponsors

We must also say a big thank you to our child sponsors, even more of you have signed up this month and it is already making a huge difference to what we are able to do with the kids. We are already making plans for new ventures for the new year! Please pray for the kids as they come to the end of this school year, for their exams, that they will pass to the next grade (it’s not a sure thing here in Guatemala!) They finish school in 2 weeks time and have their long break over Christmas. We are looking forward to Holiday Light House Club!

Prayer Points

  • Our residency application - this will be an ongoing request! That it comes through quickly and smoothly.
  • Our personal finances - we have been having a lot of troubles with our car and it looks like we will need to buy a new one. Please pray with us for the provision of finances for this practical need.
  • For us as we run the Light House just the two of us!
  • For the children as they reach the end of the school year. For their exams and that they will move up into the next grade. For their holiday time, to be positive and refreshing.
  • Deeper encounters with the Father’s love, that we will pass this on to the children.
  • Protection, safety and health.

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