Published on: 31/08/2017


The McKillop's Newsletter: July - Aug 2017

200 cattle on the move!

McKillops-August-2017-4The rains ended six weeks early this year translating into poor crops and very poor grass for grazing our cattle. Some of the cattle belong to the Bible School and many also belong to local Zambians who work with us at Nyangombe. An African solution to the problem was found. Senior Chief Sailunga offered land to some friends 30 miles from here.

There is excellent grass and many rivers on this land so a decision was made to walk the cattle there.

The herdsmen chose to stay in the bush for the next three months and until the rains come. They will be resupplied monthly by the oxcart delivering provisions. The oxcart was also to carry any new born calves needing to rest on the long journey! Two experienced men, taken a week earlier, had already constructed a corral and a camping site for the herdsmen with grass shelters. It was a challenge to get the cattle underway for 05:00. We heard that they had reached half way by late afternoon where all rested and spent their first night.

New Audio Recording Studio

McKillops-August-2017-2A kind gift from the North West Zambia Development Trust has enabled us to put up a new audio recording structure. Colin Breeze, involved in building at Nyangombe for over twenty years, has personally supervised this building. He also procured in the UK special windows and doors to soundproof the studio in which we hope to begin an audio recording of the Old Testament.

We trust that the audio recordings will be a blessing to the many who struggle with reading.

Churches Conference August 2017

300 were expected and grass shelters were built for an overspill of 200, just in case. Counting the people attending is done by everyone collecting a single twig then passing by the platform to place their stick on a pile which is then counted. 850 adults and 300 children were present on the Sunday morning for the meetings. Around 30 also came from the Kolwezi area of Congo some walking and others by motor bike. On arrival at Nyangombe they were layered in 'red' earth dust.

McKillops-August-2017-5It is very special to have a gathering of so many assembly leaders, many of whom live in isolation far from other leaders deep in the bush. It is a pleasure for us to host them and to see them meeting up with friends, sharing stories and feeling an active part of the wider Church. During teaching all take notes and no doubt conference messages will find their way into messages to distant congregations. The blessing is ours to serve these men doing such sterling work for the Lord in isolated assemblies.

How do you travel to Conference? Car or Coach?
Arriving by 40 ton truck or on foot under a burning sun, this is an annual event Christian Leaders and their church folks love to attend. It appears that their willingness to endure hardship in travel seems somehow to add to the blessings they receive from the Lord. Please pray for them! 

Gordon & Sybil

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