Published on: 21/08/2017


Serving in China with ICC

ICC have two China Teams later this year that still have plenty of spaces available. China Teams are two-week service teams that offer an amazing opportunity to work with the children in China, and we want you to be part of one of them this year.

ICCChinaMapChangsha: 22nd October - 4th November
Hengyang: 5th - 18th November

Where will the team meet in China?
Teams will be met by the team leader, in either Beijing or Hong Kong, for a time of orientation prior to starting work. 

Where will I be staying?
Accommodation is in western-style hotels, which are clean and comfortable. All rooms have full ensuite bathrooms with showers.

What kind of food can I expect?
Almost all your meals will be prepared from local, fresh ingredients. Chinese food is eaten family-style from platters shared at a table. Meals usually consist of a variety of vegetable dishes, meat dishes and rice. Depending on the location, the food can be spicy. ICC can arrange meals for specific dietary requirements.

ICC-thumbWhat will my team and I do on our trip?
You will serve alongside people from around the world, working with China’s abandoned and disabled and helping with a variety of activities. This may involve playing games, assisting with handicrafts or just simply providing one-on-one care and comfort to a child. 

If you have specialist skills in areas such as medical care, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, art therapy, or related fields, you may have the opportunity to carry out more specialised activities.

Your team schedule will allow for time with the children, as well as time for personal reflection and team building.

Am I the right person to serve in China?
You can come as you are. We don’t require you to have any special skills or qualifications to provide love and care to the abandoned and disabled. You just need to be willing to serve those in need.

What does the trip cost?
The trip costs £950 + flights.

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