How to get trained and prepared for ministry in Elim and beyond

Dave Newton interviews Peter Read as Regents launch the Elim Ministry Foundation Certificate a brand new course aimed at people going into ministry in Elim and beyond.

Pete, what is your role and why do you teach at Regents?

I serve as Vice-Principal and look after the Church Leadership Track. Having been a pastor in four churches, I now have the huge privilege of helping to train pastors and leaders. My passion is to help the church of Jesus become all she was destined to be, and training good leaders is vital in accomplishing that.

What is the Ministry Foundation Certificate?

The Elim Ministry Foundation certificate is a brand new course specifically designed by Regents to serve our movement in training and preparing people for ministry in Elim and beyond. It has been our desire in recent years to make Regents absolutely central to the Elim movement as we launch into a new season of opportunity.

This course comprises of 6 modules and is designed to give those considering ministry the essential knowledge and insight before fully embarking on your ministry training. The course has 4 compulsory areas of study covering Biblical Interpretation, Evangelism & Apologetics, History & Doctrine, and Pentecostal Theology.

People are then invited to study two further modules of their choice that relate to an area of interest or are specific to their context or ministry.

How will it help me?

One of the challenges we face as a movement is preparing people to minister in a way that will set them up to win in the long term. It is not too difficult to start well, running on enthusiasm and great ideas, but ministry always presents challenges and it is in these times that we require a deeper foundation to draw upon.

In Elim and across the Kingdom we want leaders serving our movement who are thriving not simply surviving. We are convinced that understanding how to engage well with scripture, understanding the story of the Christian faith and core beliefs, addressing key issues facing our world and developing skills to talk about Jesus in a variety of environments are the necessary ingredients for healthy long term ministry.

It is also vital as a Pentecostal church that we understand our unique role as Pentecostals alongside the wider church of Christ.

How long does it take to study?

It would be possible for this course to be completed in 9 months. For those keen to get started in church ministry or preparing for mission, this could be an ideal way to complete the course. It would be our expectation however that many would undertake the program part-time alongside their usual work or weekly activities.

Each module has a 4 day focused teaching element which is designed to give you the background knowledge to assist your personal study. The uniquely designed assessment will not only be relevant to ministry but also encourage you to read wider and look deeper into some of these essential topics.

Studied alongside those completing their accredited degree program this course also has the potential of a flexible start-date, meaning that in some instances you will be able to embark on the course at a time that suits you.

Is the course only for clever people?

There is obviously essential learning that is required for anyone taking on a ministry role. It would be unwise to let someone lead others in any ministry context without certain character shaping, core competencies and calling. This course will stretch people’s thinking and cause them to consider a variety of views and opinions beyond their own.

It will help people to begin to develop a wider understanding of what they believe and why they believe it. The course can be undertaken at 2 levels; for those wanting to achieve a formal Chester University qualification, it can be completed at either Certificate, Diploma or Degree level.

Candidates who wish to benefit from the training but not achieve a formal qualification can also do so receiving a Regents/Elim Certificate.

Why are you excited about the Program and what it offers?

We have worked hard to ensure this programme is packed with practical, relevant and contemporary material taught by those with considerable expertise in their subject areas. Although we can all read books and access websites, something very special happens when a group of people learn together in community in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

This is a wonderful opportunity to build a foundation for a lifelong journey of personal growth and ministry development, learning to serve Jesus and His Kingdom Mission. That’s why I’m excited!

If you are interested in studying on the Elim Ministry Foundation Certificate please check out www.regents-tc.ac.uk or call 01684 588979.

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