This September, join 1,000's of men across the Elim movement doing life together, shoulder to shoulder, enjoying an activity that suits their local situation and connecting men to the gospel in a relevant way.

Following the success of the MPower Curry Challenge 2016, the MPower team are now inviting you to consider this September’s MPower evangelistic challenge.

This offers a menu of activities to choose from in order to encourage the men of your church to host an event to connect guys with the gospel.

Select an event that suits your local preferences – from clay-pigeon shooting to a beast-feast!!

Events like these are designed to enhance your men's ministry outreach and discipleship plans for the autumn. They are ideal to lead into events such as Alpha.


All Things Challenge?


MPOWER have partnered up with Mark Greenwood of REACH, Elim’s evangelistic department, to provide a short gospel presentation at your All Things Challenge event in September.


ALL THINGS Challenge Vision

To see 1,000's of men doing life together enjoying an activity that suits your local situation and connecting men to the gospel in a relevant way.

In 2017, the MPower team is challenging the men across our Elim movement to organise and get involved in a variety of fun events from clay pigeon shooting, to soccer, to beast feasts or a sports quiz.  The choice is yours!

You choose from the best activity from a menu of event ideas that suit your tastes and local situation best. Or even create your own.

Our vision is to see 1,000's of men across the move­ment doing life together, shoulder to shoulder, enjoying an activity that suits your local situation and connecting Men to the Gospel in a relevant way.

Aberdeen to Aberystwyth, Newcastle to Newquay, Birmingham to Blackpool, wherever you are in the country we'd love you to join us in September.

It's not just an event for you and the guys from your church, but this is especially for your mates. You know the ones. The fellas in your football team, the guys you work with, your next-door neighbour, your mate from uni or the guys you go running with. Be bold and ask someone.

It's really simple to get involved.

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Take the Mpower All things challenge and start planning your event now

All Things

It is really easy to get involved.



  1. Think it. Who is the guy that you would want to see encounter and follow Jesus?
  2. Write it. Put his name in your diary, Bible or Journal. Write a commitment to God about this person.
  3. Pray it. Commit to spending x5 minutes every day praying for your friend and for the conversations you might have.
  4. Share it. Find 2 other guys in your church that will join you to pray for you and your friend.
  5. Plan it. Sit down with your planner or diary friend and schedule to have a coffee once per week.
  6. Tell it. Look for a God opportunity to share something of your journey with Jesus with your friend. Pray before you share!
  7. Plant it. Months ahead of the event plant a seed of invitation. Tell your friend about the event and that you would be thrilled if he would join you. 
  8. Buy it. Pay for the ticket/meal of your friend and pass details on to him in advance. Try and arrange transport to and from the event.
  9. Believe it. Ask God for faith to believe that your friend will hear the gospel, encounter Jesus as Saviour and allow his life to be revolutionised by God.
  10. Continue it. Keep the up friendship and keep God on the agenda encouraging your friend in their new found faith.

Downloadable Event Resources

Download the Mpower All Things Challenge guide which provides useful information about organising your event, along with other resources.

  All Things Challenge planning guide 
  Mark Greenwood Video Presentation


All Things Challenge Event Options

  • Sporting challenge
  • Clay pigeon shooting
  • Beast Feast
  • Quiz Event
  • Family BBQ
  • Soccer Event


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