Missions Sunday marks the anniversary of the Vumba massacre. Each year Elim Churches take an offering in honour of the Vumba missionaries towards Be Church, our overseas church-planting campaign.

The Axe and the Tree by Stephen Griffiths

This year on Missions Sunday we’re excited to share this powerful new book and invite you deeper into our story through the lives of Peter and Brenda Griffiths, who played a critical role in the development of the Elim church in the aftermath of the Vumba massacre.
This video is around 8 minutes and is designed for you to show during your services on Missions Sunday, June 25th 2017.

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Profits from purchases of The Axe and the Tree on the Elim store go to support the ongoing work of Elim Missions.

Elim Missions Is...

At our recent Missionary Conference we asked our missionaries and staff what Elim Missions is to them.
Then, at the Elim Leaders Summit many of our missionaries appeared on stage to receive prayer and a standing ovation.

This video is a great resource to use as part of Missions Sunday.

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Missions Sunday Resources

These resources were created for Missions Sunday 2016. Feel free to adapt them as necessary. 
If you would like further information or ideas to help you with Missions Sunday email: missions@elimhq.net

Children's Programme

A 45min session introducing children to world mission.
Download session plan.

Youth Programme

A session to help young people engage with world mission.
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