Celebrating our Elim missionaries

At the Elim Leaders Summit 2017, we took the time to celebrate many of Elim's 69 missionaries that were visiting the country following the Elim Missions Missionary Conference held in Leeds.

"It took two years of advance planning to ensure that our Elim missionaries had their furlough scheduled for May 2017," said Paul Hudson, Elim Missions Director.

"We have had just an amazing missionary conference in Leeds and the majority of the missionaries came there."

"It is an unprecedented season, it's just mind-blowing what's happening. We have Elim national leaders wanting to leave their posts and go into new countries for Elim and open up new works in new countries."

"We've got churches in Somalia, churches in Sudan, churches in the refugee camps of Ethiopia. Not because of the UK, but because of UK influence into other people. Elim Kenya is saying, if Elim can send, Elim Kenya can send. We are seeing a wave of the spirit that's taking place."

"But they all always look to the UK as their fathers and look to Chris Cartwright as their General Superintendent. They look at us as still being a leading nation that sends the majority of people and we're still doing that."


Chris Cartwright, Elim's General Superintendent, praying for our Elim missionaries.

Continuing to share at the Elim Leaders Summit, Paul Hudson said, "We have just seen 16 go through the Elim Missions Academy this year and they will be sent out in the next few months."

"These amazing people which I'm going to introduce to you right now. They know every feeling that you and I have here in the UK. That of loneliness and sacrifice. They know all of those things but magnified in different parts of the world where they serve."

Watch this video clip from the Elim Leaders Summit as Paul Hudson introduces some of our Elim missionaries and Chris Cartwright, the Elim General Superintendent prays for them.

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The core purpose of Elim Missions is to release and equip the local church to transform lives, communities and nations with the love of Christ. Birthed in the wake of this spirit of evangelism and church planting, Elim is currently active in nearly 50 countries.

Each year, Elim takes one particular Sunday to focus on the work of Elim Missions, invest in the future while remembering the past. Missions Sunday, which will be held on Sunday 25 June this year, honours the deaths of our missionaries while promoting our Be Church campaign for church planting on this significant day.

Watch this new video that shares a little of what Elim Missions is... Share it on social media, your church website, download and show it in your church services as you highlight the work of Elim Missions during the month of June.

Remembering the tragic events of 1978

Friday 23 June 1978 is remembered as being the darkest day in Elim’s history. On that day almost 40 years ago, twelve people were slaughtered at the Elim Mission station in the Vumba Mountains in Northern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Another would die a week later.

The sheer brutality of this massacre shocked the world that heard the story for the first time on the radio or television or read the more detailed account in their Sunday newspapers in the UK.

We will never forget our missionaries who were killed so mercilessly. Their story continues to inspire us to go to the whole earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As these events took place almost a generation ago, watch the following short video from the Defining Moments film that gives a brief summary of what happened on that day.


Find out more at elimmissions.co.uk/bechurch

23 June marks a significant day in Elim's history, as we honour our Elim missionaries and celebrate the work that is happening around the world.
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