News from Guatemala - February 2017

Rachel & Oscar Mendoza

The Light House is truly up and running now! What a joy it has been to start to get to know our kids properly, to discover who they are and just become friends with them! Here is a short update on what has been happening here in Guatemala…


Newsletter-Feb-17-thumbMy brother has been here visiting us for the last couple of months and he has been a hit with the boys at the Light House! Despite the fact that his Spanish is rather limited they have connected through the universal language of football! To celebrate Ben’s birthday, we were able to rent a garden space to take the kids to where they could really run off their energy and enjoy themselves. And of course, we couldn’t have a birthday celebration without a piñata!

Their Place

Mendoza-Feb-17-3 We really want the kids to feel like the Light House is their home, their place, to know they belong. So we have started this practically by having them decorate it with their photos and bunting that is ‘Todo Sobre Mi’ (All About Me!) It’s made the classroom look more festive too!

Little Leaders

Mendoza-Feb-17-2The older kids that come to the Light House (between 10-12 years old) have made such an impression on us during this short time. They really have stepped up and taken ownership of the place. We have given them ‘trabajitos’, little jobs that are their responsibility each day at the club. We asked them if they wanted to do it, they were not forced! And their response was amazing! We didn’t have enough jobs to fill the demand! What has really blessed us though is how they take care of the younger ones, making sure they are included in games, helping them with their homework… these really are our new little leaders!
We are also so blessed to have received our first long-term volunteer! Robyn arrived with us this week in Guatemala and will be serving with us here for a year. Please pray for her as she settles in to a new country, a country that will be her new home for the foreseeable future! And please also pray for accelerated language acquisition!

Furlough in the UK

We are due to come home for a furlough visit to the UK from April - May 2017, so we’ll be home soon! If you would like us to share about what is happening here in Guatemala with your church or group, please get in touch! We would love to see you! We would appreciate your prayers at this time as we have a lot to do in preparation for coming home and really need God’s grace for the practical things. Please also pray for favour on the fund raising aspect of our trip home. And that we would be able to enjoy some time with family and friends too. We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Please pray:

  •  For Robyn, our new volunteer! That she would settle in quickly and pick up the language at a supernatural rate!
  • For us as we prepare to come home. We would really ask you to pray for the practical, spiritual and emotional aspects of this. Coming home is a big transition for us which involves lots of practical preparation - it is also very emotional as we leave our home here but return to our ‘other’ home there!
  • For relationship with the children at the Light House and with their families. That we will have good standing in the community.
  • For deeper encounters with the Father’s love, that we will pass this on to the children.
  • Protection, safety & health. Travel prayers as we come back to the UK. Provision and favour in fund raising while we are there! 
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