Can you feel it in your spirit?

Dear Friends,

Stellatos-Sept-2016-thumb This is one of our families in their one roomed house. The mother had left. She could no longer cope with the pressure of trying to raise 4 kids. They have one small pan and no plates so have to share the food out of the one pan. The two older girls go to school and the dad goes to look to earn a few shillings daily for them to eat that night. The smaller girl looks after the baby all by herself during the day. They sleep on the hard floor.

Do you sense it? Can you feel it in your spirit? Is there an urgency, an excitement, a horror simultaneously rising up inside you? Is it causing you to press in, to fall down, to rise up, to examine yourself, sanctify yourself, rid yourself of anything that hinders, re-evaluate your time, your thoughts, your words, and your actions?

Do you hear it? Can you hear the cry of the Spirit and the Bride saying “Come Lord Jesus, Come”? Can you hear the Spirit wooing the Bride, come closer, draw closer? Can you hear the Father urging His church to get ready, weeping over the state of His church? Can you hear the Son interceding before the Father for mercy for His lukewarm unprepared Bride? Can you hear the trumpet sounding? Can you hear the horse’s hooves pounding the ground waiting the command?

Can you hear the cries of the lost, those for whom it is too late, those who still have time who are crying out to know the meaning of life, crying out to know the truth, crying out to be set free, crying out for someone to help them? Can you hear the church arguing and debating over issues that are clearly defined in God’s Word? Can you hear the sound of video’s, mobiles phones, secular music, TV sets, internet sites drowning out the cry of the Spirit and the call of God? Can you hear the cries of the 11 year old girl that committed suicide recently during our school term holiday?

Can you feel the horror of a soul one minute on earth and the next minute in eternal torment? Is it really a reality in our spirit’s that a soul without Christ and without salvation is eternally in torment? Does the love of Christ burn within our hearts? Does the love of Christ consume us to the degree where we are hot for God? Does the love of Christ consume us enough to care, to pray, to weep over those who don’t know Him.

Do you sense it? Do you feel it in your spirit? JESUS IS COMING SOON!

Written by Janine Stellatos, Elim Missionary in Kenya

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